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After Winning Big at the Grammys, Boygenius Is Logging Off – Monomaxos

“I made the decision three years ago to take a massive step back. I think we all want a little break,” says Bridgers. “I can’t function if I do anything in 2024 that is public. The boys have been my biggest supporters in that. I’m excited to see you guys at [dinner] tonight.”

As for the unfollowing, turns out they were both engaging in some social media housekeeping with plans to log off for the time being.

“It’s not supposed to initiate a countdown or anything,” says Dacus.

“I can’t feel my life right now, and I’m working to be able to, and the internet doesn’t help,” admits Bridgers.

Nodding, Baker types, “Healthy.”

Having spent a year performing and doing press, Boygenius are understandably relieved to be winding down. They want to revel in silence and finally make plans to watch Paddington 2, they say. But before they sign off they have one more thing to add, that didn’t make it into their acceptance speeches on Sunday, which Bridgers tees up for Dacus.

“Throughout this year different people have told us that we represent different things to them, but I think that if we represent anything, it’s that you can determine the circumstances of your own creation,” says Dacus. “You don’t have to abide by weirdos, abusers, pedophiles, all these people that are like beasts walking around the industry still. Phoebe said something that I thought was brilliant, which is that if someone tells you that they have the key to your success, you’re holding their key. You might feel like you’re going to miss your big-ticket moment. You’re not. And even if you got your big ticket, if you did it alongside people that you can’t celebrate with, it’s going to feel hollow.”

Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker

Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker

By Harrison Whitford.

Dacus kicks it back to Bridgers, who adds, “Old men mostly need young people to make them relevant, and don’t let them trick you into thinking that they’re making you relevant. They need you or they will die in obscurity. Make it with people you like or don’t do it.”

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