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Billie Eilish dismisses rumors that she overshadowed Taylor Swift: 'I didn't single anyone out' – Monomaxos

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish

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Image source: Getty Images

Billie Eilish doesn't put up with false rumors. The 22-year-old Oscar winner released a statement over the weekend responding to the speculation she criticized Taylor Swift in her recent interview about “wasteful” music artists.

“Okay, it would be great if people would stop putting words in my mouth and actually read what I said in that billboard article,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories. “These are industry-wide systemic problems. When it comes to variants, so many artists release them, including ME!, which I clearly state in the article. The climate crisis is here now and it’s about us all being part of the problem and trying to make it better, my goodness.”

Billie's interview about the music industry caused a stir among Swifties last week. In it she emphasized how “wasteful” it is for “some artists” to release records. Although she didn't mention any celebrity by name, there were some fans believed that Billie was referring to the 34-year-old Epoch tour Popstar announced multiple editions of her upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department.

“We live in a time where, for some reason, it's very important for some artists to make all kinds of vinyl and packaging…which increases sales and numbers and makes them more money and more…” Billie says billboard on Thursday, March 28th. “It's so wasteful and it irritates me that we're still at a point where you care so much about your numbers and making money – and only your favorite artists do that.” **T.”

The “What Was I Made For?” hitmaker further stressed that she “can’t even put into words” how “wasteful it is” when top artists in the industry release multiple vinyl editions.

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish appear on Billboard's Women In Music with FIJI Water and JNSQ
John Sciulli/Getty Images for FIJI Water

“It's right in front of our eyes and people are just getting away with it left and right and I find it really frustrating as someone who's trying really hard to be sustainable and do the best I can and I have to get everyone on my team involved in sustainability,” Billie said, adding, “And then it's some of the biggest artists in the world who make 40 damn different vinyl packages, each with something unique, just to get you to do it , to buy more and more.” .”

Billie then remembered watching The hunger Games recently, which got her thinking about this issue: “Because it's like we all do it because [it’s] the only way to play the game. It just highlights the already messed up way this industry operates.”

Earlier this year, Taylor announced the news of her upcoming album at the Grammys. During her global tour, the “Love Story” artist announced several reissues of the album: “The Bolter” and “Black Dog.”

As for Billie, she released her album in 2021, happier than ever, in vinyl, but the several versions were sold with recycled black vinyl and were wrapped in sugar cane shrink wrap. The colored editions of her album were sold along with other recycled materials.
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