Home Celebrity Scoop Breckin Meyer: Five Facts You Need to Know About The Artist Who Is Currently In a Relationship with Bob Saget’s Spouse – Monomaxos

Breckin Meyer: Five Facts You Need to Know About The Artist Who Is Currently In a Relationship with Bob Saget’s Spouse – Monomaxos

Breckin Meyer: Five Facts You Need to Know About The Artist Who Is Currently In a Relationship with Bob Saget’s Spouse – Monomaxos

Breeckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo at the 2024 Grammys

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Photo credit: John Salangsang/Billboard via Getty Images

Kelly Rizzo discovered affection once again in her recent partner, Breckin Meyer! The freshly connected pair unveiled their love story at a Grammy event in 2024, stirring immense joy among fans witnessing Kelly’s newly found contentment following the passing of her late spouse Bob Saget.

At what time did Kelly Rizzo commence dating Breckin Meyer?

The exact onset of the couple’s relationship remains uncertain, indicating a possible preference for discretion concerning their bond away from the limelight. It wasn’t until the Grammy event on February 4 that Kelly and Breckin’s union came to light, marking the first time their dating status became known to the public eye.

In a red carpet dialogue with E! During the event, Kelly put forth that she had been awaiting a return to the dating scene after a pause following the tragedy concerning Full House Actor’s demise.

“It took a while for me to transition to a mindset of, ‘Alright, I believe he would approve of this,'” as shared by Kelly with the media outlet. Consequently, she revealed that Bob’s children Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer had granted her the consent to pursue a relationship with Breckin.

Breckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo
John Salangsang/Billboard via Getty Images

“It’s truly uplifting; receiving her endorsement held substantial significance,” Kelly emphasized. “They are like angels. Their backing is profoundly valued.”

Months earlier, Kelly briefed Fox News Digital regarding ensuing developments, articulating that her initiative wasn’t dependent on Bob’s daughters’ approbation, yet the confirmation conveyed a sense of appropriateness.

“I prefer to believe that Bob would desire my happiness as well, yet having it confirmed by his daughters felt appropriate,””It’s on a different level,” the reporter remarked. “It’s a message for the world to hear: ‘We believe in you. We love you. We trust you to make the right decisions and we want you to find happiness.'”

What is Breckin Meyer’s occupation?

Breckin is a renowned performer who has starred in numerous well-known television series and movies. His breakout roles included appearances in horror movies like “Freddy’s Dead: The Last Nightmare” and the 1990s classic “Clueless.” He later featured in films such as “Herbie: Fully Loaded” and “Ghosts of the Girlfriend’s Past.” Besides acting, Breckin is also involved in writing and producing, including his work as the creator of “Men at Work.”

The Public Display of Affection Moment Between Breckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo

The public caught Kelly and Breckin sharing affectionate moments at a mutual friend’s wedding in Mexico during the weekend of February 24, 2024. Images obtained from an article by Page Six showcased the couple openly displaying their love for each other. The 44-year-old passionately embraced her partner’s face, leaning in for a heartfelt kiss. At the event, Kelly looked stylish in a strapless blue dress, while Breckin was sharp in a traditional suit.

Breckin’s Loss of His Mother

In a recent poignant Instagram post, the 49-year-old shared his grief over his mother’s passing in November 2023. “You know what’s really terrible? My mother passed away. It’s been a while but it still hurts,” he expressed in the caption. “Her town published an obituary – UGH… it’s unsettling to say obituary.” Breckin posted a series of vintage photos of his late mother and poured out his emotions in the extensive caption. Several acclaimed actors, including The Office star Angela Kinsey, conveyed their love in the comments.

Details on Bob Saget’s Passing

Bob Saget, known for The Fuller House, was found deceased at the age of 65 in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Florida on January 9, 2022, where he was performing in a stand-up comedy tour. His death was determined to be caused by blunt force trauma, likely resulting from an accidental fall.



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