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Chloë Sevigny’s Husband: Everything to Know About Siniša Mačković – Monomaxos



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Chloe Sevigny, 49, is a talented actress known for her impressive roles in films and television series like Boys Don’t Cry, American Psycho, Party Monster, Zodiac, and The Girl From Plainville, and now she’s starring in the second season of Ryan Murphy‘s anthology series, Feud, which is called Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. Her long career in the acting industry proves she’s one of the most talented stars in Hollywood and beyond.

When Chloe’s not busy working on a film or television show, she’s enjoying her private life with her husband, Siniša Mačković. The lovebirds have been married since 2020 and have quite the love story. From meeting in an unexpected way, to welcoming a child together, they have had their share of amazing moments.

Get to know Siniša and his history with Chloe below.

How Did Chloe & Siniša Meet?

Chloe and Siniša met through her friend Lizzi Bougatsos. Chloe opened up about the set up, in an interview with Cultured. “I was single for a while. I wouldn’t say I was really on the hunt, but I was open to trying new things,”  she explained. “My friend Lizzi Bougatsos is an artist in the band Gang Gang Dance. She’s from Long Island and has a very funny attitude about everything.”

“One day she was like, ‘There’s this boy that works at Karma and I love talking to him about art. He’s got a good sense of humor. He likes to talk shit,’” she continued. “She kept bringing him up for months and months. She’d told me he was younger and I was like, ‘Does that mean he’s too young?’ She was like, ‘No, you have to meet him. We should go to the gallery.’”

She went on to explain that she met her future spouse at an afterparty at a Japanese restaurant after a painter’s show. “I went with Lizzi and I think maybe [artist] Aurel Schmidt, who’s another one of my close friends,” Chloe said. “And Lizzi was like, ‘That’s the boy that I was trying to introduce you to.’ Siniša and I started staring at each other. We might have talked. The details are a little blurry.”

“We locked eyes and kept looking at each other for a while,” Siniša also told Cultured. “Then after that we didn’t really speak for a minute but we were asking our friends about each other [laughs]. Then we had our first date at Souen, across the street. A lunch date.”

The two of them hit it off and continued to go on dates, eventually becoming a couple.

He is a Gallerist

Siniša is a gallerist from Croatia. He works as the director of Karma Art Gallery in New York City and has dedicated his life to the arts. Whether he’s sharing interesting photos on social media, or gushing over the next project he’s creating, the talented hunk doesn’t hold back on his passion, and even enjoys the tough parts about his job.

“I like working with artists even if they’re difficult to work with, whatever ‘difficult’ might mean,” he told Cultured. “They do have a singular kind of vision, and it’s fun to be a part of that.”

Siniša’s gallery participated in the 2021 starry Miami Art Basel Fair, which included pieces by Alex De Corte, Henni Alftan, and Woody De Othello.

Chloe & Siniša Got Married in 2020

After a couple years of dating, Chloe and Siniša tied the knot in 2020. Their ceremony was private and Chloe didn’t end up publicly announcing the news until their one-year anniversary in March 2021. She shared a photo of them on their wedding day to Instagram and included a caption that revealed the date they said “I do” to each other.

“Married on a Monday March 9th 2020,” she wrote. “Happy one year anniversary my love 💍.”

The photo showed Chloe wearing a black turtleneck dress with black tights, matching heeled boots, and a white veil, while Siniša wore a black blazer over a white button-down shirt, black flared out pants and black platform boots. The bride also held flowers and showed off a baby bump.

Do Chloe & Siniša Have Any Children?

Chloe and Siniša welcomed a son they named Vanja on May 2, 2020. Her pregnancy was reported in January 2020, two months before she and her beau exchanged vows. Chloe later admitted she had been trying to get pregnant at an earlier time but it didn’t happen, so she was pleasantly surprised when she became pregnant with Vanja.

“We had a night out dancing and drinking and went home … and then it just happened, and it stuck, which I had had trouble with in the past. And I was like, ‘Wow, this one – he/she – wants to be here,’ ” she told Playgirl about conceiving her son, in October 2020.

The beauty posed nude with her baby bump on the cover of the issue and described her pregnancy as something that “was supposed to happen” at the time it did. “In my early 40s, when it hadn’t, I was like, ‘I have to sort of actively try and make this happen’ … and then I struggled for a while,” she admitted.

Chloe also told Cultured what it felt like being a parent and how she knew she wanted to be a mother. “When I was younger I was like, “Do I want a baby or do I want a family?” And the truth is I wanted someone who would be here for me [laughs],” she said. “I have some friends who have kids that they are really close to, like Mary and Mario Sorrenti and Rita Ackermann—they’re very much in their kids’ lives.”

Chloe & Siniša Had a Wedding in 2022

The already married couple decided to have a bigger bash in Chloe’s hometown of Darien, Connecticut to celebrate their nuptials in May 2022. Chloe took to Instagram to share a photo of the two of them sharing a kiss in their wedding attire. She wore a sheer white ruffled dress and he wore a classic black and white tuxedo.

“Yesterday was undoubtedly the greatest day of my life,” she wrote in the heartwarming caption. “So blessed to finally share our love and commitment with friends and family. So many people put so much work into making it just perfect, so from the bottom of my bursting heart, thank you.”

Chloe also shared another photo of her in a different, more casual, white dress with lace at the bottom at the wedding. “Look 2,” she captioned it.



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