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Dalton Gomez: 5 Things You Should Know About Ariana Grande's Ex-Husband – Monomaxos

Dalton Gomez And Ariana Grande married in May 2021, but two years later they decided to go their separate ways. According to a report by , both spouses filed divorce papers in September 2023 TMZ. The “Thank u, next” singer’s lawyer Laura Water was the first to file papers, citing “irreconcilable differences,” and Dalton's attorneys filed soon after.

Before Ariana filed the paperwork, Ariana and her husband separated in February 2023 and news of their separation broke in July 2023. TMZ reported that they tried to reconcile their marriage but “failed.” The publication also claimed that Ariana and Dalton had been having problems in their relationship before Ariana moved to the UK for filming in December 2022 Evil. Ariana and Dalton sparked breakup rumors when the singer didn't wear her wedding ring at Wimbledon on July 16.

Neither Dalton nor Ariana have publicly commented on their split, but shortly after their breakup was first announced, the singer made headlines when it was revealed that she was dating Evil co-star Ethan Slater. The actor filed for divorce from his wife Lilly Jay in July 2023. None of the co-stars have publicly commented on their rumored romance. However, in March 2024, Ariana released her album Eternal sunshinewhich contains songs that seemingly point to an ex-lover who was unfaithful to her.

Dalton Gomez
Dalton Gomez (Photo: BACKGRID)

After Dalton popped the question to Ariana in December 2020, they officially became husband and wife in May 2021, her rep confirmed Hollywood life by the time. They tied the knot privately at Ariana's home in Montecito, California. Following the unfortunate news of the couple's split, here's everything you need to know about Dalton.

Dalton Gomez is a sought-after real estate agent in Los Angeles

Dalton works for the Aaron Kirman Group as a luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles. Dalton, according to his Work biography, “has one of the largest rolodexes of top buyers and is already connecting many high-profile deals across the city. His extensive knowledge of major architecture and luxury real estate means he is in high demand and is quickly becoming an industry giant.” He has been working in luxury real estate for five years and is currently the company’s sole buyer’s agent. Previously, he led the film's day-to-day operations as Director of Operations.

Dalton has been quarantining with Ariana during the pandemic

Fans noticed that a mystery man could be seen in the background of some of the “God is a Woman” singer's Instagram Stories as she was holed up at home after California issued stay-at-home orders in early 2020. The mysterious man was later identified as Dalton.

Dalton Gomez
Dalton Gomez with Ariana Grande (Photo: BACKGRID)

Dalton Gomez appeared in her “Stuck With U” music video

The music video for Ariana's duet with Justin Bieber, released on May 8, 2020, features clips of fans and famous friends dancing in their homes. Justin and wife Hailey Baldwin are featured heavily in the four-minute clip. For most of the video, Ariana can be seen cuddling with her dog, Toulouse. But at the 3:37 mark, she dances with Dalton in her bedroom! Dalton had the biggest grin on his face as they settled in and made a move.

Ariana Grande Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez dance in the music video “Stuck with U” (Ariana Grande/VEVO)

Dalton Gomez has some famous friends

It's unclear how Dalton and Ariana met, but they run into the same crowd. Dalton posted one photo to his Instagram Story in 2017, in which he shows himself with a group of friends, including Miley. The headline was “Crooks.” An eagle-eyed fan Dalton discovered at the party Ariana threw for her producer and boyfriend, Xavi, before the lockdown began. Many of Ariana's friends, including Alfredo Flores, Scott NicholsonAnd Courtney Chipolone Follow him on his private Instagram account.

Dalton Gomez may have sold Ariana Grande her house

Yes, the one where he was quarantined with Ariana during the pandemic! Dalton's real estate company listed Ariana's current home, although it's unclear whether he had anything to do with the sale.
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