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Emma Stone suffers a wardrobe malfunction before accepting the Oscar at the 2024 Oscars – Monomaxos

There are wardrobe malfunctions, and then there are wardrobe malfunctions when she's announced as the winner of the Best Actress category at the 2024 Oscars. Emma Stone, She experienced the latter on Sunday, securing her second career Oscar in this category.

Stone, who later told reporters in the press room that she was “deeply shocked” by the win, was visibly stunned as she walked on stage to accept her award since she was in competition with her Flower Moon Killer'S Lily Gladstone in one of the most exciting races of the evening. She repeatedly reached back and touched the zipper of her mint green custom Louis Vuitton peplum dress, which had split near her waist. As she walked up the stairs, she appeared to say something about her dress being torn and appeared to briefly question the host Jessica Long for help and then made peace with her fate: it was time to accept both the award and her broken zipper.

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John Shearer

“Oh man, my dress is ruined,” she said as she reached the microphone. “I think it happened on 'I'm Just Ken.' I am very sure.”

Honestly, it's understandable since Stone has been seen enjoying it Ryan Gosling's exuberant performance of the nominee for Best Original Song (ultimately overthrown by Billie EilishThe guy Barbie song “What Was I Made For?”), a highlight of the show, during which Stone leaned forward to sing into the microphone for her beaming, pink-clad co-star La La Land (The film for which she received her first Best Actress award in 2017).

Stone told the assembled journalists in the press room that the dress had been quickly repaired.

“When I got back, they sewed me back in, which was wonderful,” she said, stitching together the short fashion drama. “I really think I nailed it on 'I'm Just Ken.'” I was just so impressed with Ryan and what he was doing and that number just blew me away and I was right there and got it just try and things happen.”

Stone received the award for her performance in Poor things, In it she plays Bella Baxter, a grown woman with the brain of a child who, over the course of the film, discovers the many joys and disadvantages of the adult world. She concluded her speech on stage by thanking her daughter, who she said would turn three in three days.

“I love you more than all of heaven, my girl,” she said of her daughter, quoting lyrics from her close friend Taylor Swiftis the song of the same name. “Thank you.”

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