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Enrique Iglesias’ Kids: Everything to Know About His 3 Children With Anna Kournikova – Monomaxos



Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias

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Enrique Iglesias is not only an internationally renowned singer — he’s also a father of three! The 48-year-old performer shares his children with tennis player Anna Kournikova, 42. The two first met while filming his music video for “Escape” in 2001. She played his love interest and they certainly didn’t have to fake the chemistry. “She’s beautiful, talented, great tennis player,” he told People. “It doesn’t take a good actor to kiss Anna and try to make it believable.”

While the couple allegedly broke up in 2013, they rekindled their relationship shortly after and have been together ever since. Even though the pair has been together for around 20 years, they don’t plan on getting married. Instead, they’re focused on being parents to their three wonderful kids. Here’s everything you need to know about their three little ones.

Lucy Iglesias

Lucy Iglesias is one of Enrique and Anna’s two twins. Born on December 16, 2017, the six-year-old and her brother are the couple’s oldest children. Their first-born daughter already seems to be taking after her dad as she seems to be quite the performer. The “Bailando” singer posted an adorable video of her dancing the hit nursery classic “The Wheels On The Bus” when she was two years old. She also appears to be an excellent swimmer as he posted a picture of her in the water with him wearing floaties.

Her mom Anna also loves to dote on her. She posts collage pics of her children every year for their birthdays. For her 3rd birthday picture, Lucy a blue floral set as she sat on a colorful table staring straight at her mama. For her 4th birthday pictures, her personality came out even more. In the first snap, she showed off her adventurous side as she wore a colorful tutu and tie-dye top as she climbed on a jungle gym. In the second pic, she wore a dress with tiger faces on it as she hosted a tea party.

Nicholas Inglesias

Nicholas Iglesias was born on December 16, 2017, and is Lucy’s twin brother. Nicholas may also have a potential show biz career in the future. Enrique posted an adorable video of him sitting in a boat singing his heart out when he was almost two years old. While it’s too soon to tell if he has his father’s pipes, the potential is definitely there. Enrique is also aware of Nicholas’ semblance to his mother with his blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He uploaded a picture of him and his son and dubbed him his Russian meatball as he jokingly captioned the post, “I think he’s got my genes.”

Anna has also proudly posted pictures of her mini-me for his birthday. For his 3rd birthday, she posted a photo of him beaming at the camera as he wore a cap on backward and a polo tee. For the following year, he sported an impish look as he donned a Mickey Mouse shirt in the first pic and sported a business casual look as he sat in a beanbag chair for the second.

Mary Iglesias

Mary Iglesias, also lovingly nicknamed Masha by her parents, is the baby of the family. The almost-4-year-old was born on January 30, 2020, and is still her parents’ little bundle of joy. While it’s sometimes hard for a family to adjust to a new baby, especially when there are two other little ones at home, Enrique said they welcomed her with open arms. “They actually love it,” he told People at the time. “There’s a two-year difference, so I was a little scared. I was like, ‘How are they going to react?’ And I have two dogs so my house is chaotic. When we first came home with Masha, I was like, ‘Oh, how is everybody going to react?’”

The retired tennis player has high hopes for her youngest. Anna dressed her up in an adorable white polo shirt and skirt with a crotched hem that resembled a tennis outfit. “Wimbledon, here I come,” she captioned the post, hoping that Mary will grow to love tennis like her one day.



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