Home Celebrity Scoop Is Selena Gomez's “Love On” about Benny Blanco? In the music video, lyrics and more – Monomaxos

Is Selena Gomez's “Love On” about Benny Blanco? In the music video, lyrics and more – Monomaxos

Is Selena Gomez's “Love On” about Benny Blanco?  In the music video, lyrics and more

 – Monomaxos

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco

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Selena Gomez released her latest single “Love On” amidst her relationship with Benny Blanco, and the cheerful title marks a new era for the pop star! If the song doesn't put fans in a good mood, it's the accompaniment Music video Will, because the Paris-inspired atmosphere gives it the perfect feeling of je ne sais quoi. But what could have inspired the romantic lyrics? Some Selenators believe that “Love On” is about Benny, while others also point out that it has a theme of self-love.

Read on to find out what Selena herself said about the song and its lyrics!

What is “Love On” by Selena Gomez about?

Throughout the song, the “Single Soon” hitmaker sings about a fun relationship and inviting another person to have an adventure with her.

“Wait till I excite my love / I'm not a cheap thrill / I'm a roller coaster ride, baby, jump on,” Selena sings in one verse. “Cause baby, if you can’t say it/You’re what I want to love.”

In another part of the single, Selena asks the unknown lover, “Why are we talking about this steak tartare/When we could be anywhere but here/Making out in the back of the car/Or we could write a memoir/Across the back wall of the last stall in the bathroom.” at the bazaar.”

Is “Love On” about Benny Blanco?

It's unclear whether or not Selena wrote the song solely about her relationship with Benny, but she revealed in late 2023 that they had already been dating for six months at that point. This suggests that the two were probably together when she was in Paris working on the upcoming film Emilia Perez.

During her interview with Apple Music Zane Lowe — which came out on February 23 — the “Lose You to Love Me” artist explained where the “idea” for “Love On” came from, pointing out that it came from a “romantic” place.

“The idea is that living in Paris inspired me a lot,” Selena said simply. “I had to work there for two months. I loved the quality of life and how romantic it felt.”

Selena then pointed out that she also felt inspired when she felt “really happy.” [her] life” and “actually mean”.[ing] it' in their texts.

“So it's like, as you can see in my video, I'm smiling all the time. “It’s such a good feeling,” she enthused, without mentioning Benny by name. As for how their romance unfolded, the Golden Globe Award nominee noted, “Without going into too much detail, I think it's just really important to meet someone who respects you. And I think it's really nice to be able to rely on someone who understands the world in which I live. But overall I have to say it's the safest thing I feel and it was really nice and I've only grown from it, so it's so impressive.”

Selena wears a wedding dress in the “Love On” music video

In the “Love On” music video, Selena wears a unique white ballerina dress that resembles a wedding dress. While Selena dances in rhythm with the other dancers, she wears a veil and wears red ballet shoes.



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