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Is “Supernatural” getting a 16th season? Everything we know about the rumors – Monomaxos

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins

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Photo credit: Getty Images

“Nothing ever really ends, right?” Supernatural gave its fan base 15 seasons of action, horror, comedy and heartbreaking emotions. Series stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and the entire cast gave viewers some of the most memorable scenes in television history as the show became the longest-running American fantasy television show. Years after Season 15 aired, the SPN family is wondering if a 16th season is on the cards.

Find out where the rumors started and what the actors said below!

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Getty Images

Is “Supernatural” getting a 16th season?

From now on, Supernatural didn't get a 16th season. However, Jared spoke along Collider about the rumors surrounding the future of the series in April 2024 and points out that he and Jensen don't want to just get a new season off the ground so quickly.

“Jensen and I care so much about our show, which we had together for 15 years, that we not only want to do it, but just to do it,” he said walking aid Star explains. “We don't want to go, 'Hey, I have two weeks off in June.' Let's go ahead and do 10 pages a day just so we have more content.'”

However, Jared sounded optimistic, emphasizing: “If and when Supernatural comes back, it will be a labor of love and we will put in every hour to make sure it stays as true to the canon, the fandom, the story and the characters as possible.”

When asked if he would reprise his role as Sam, he replied: “The answer is 'yes.'” I just don't know when I'll be available. I do not know when [Jensen’s] available. But here too my answer is 'yes'.”

Fans noticed this at the beginning of the year “Supernatural”It is official Instagram The account has started posting scene photos again. Although there is no confirmation of the series' return, fans are convinced that it was a hint of a possible renewal.

Why did “Supernatural” end?

Jensen, Jared and Misha broke fans' hearts when they shared one Video on social media in 2019 and announced the end of the show.

“We just told the crew that while we're excited to start our 15th season, it will be our last,” Jensen said while standing next to Misha and Jared. “Fifteen years of a show that has definitely changed my life. I know she changed both of these boys’ lives and we just wanted to let you know that while we are excited for next year, it will be the finale.”

Jared added, “We cried a few tears and we'll cry some more, but we're grateful and we'll carry all those emotions into next season.”

According to the cast and crew, they collectively agreed to end the show at the time. Jensen's spin-off, The WinchestersUnfortunately it was canceled after just one season.

Why was The Winchesters cancelled?

Jensen and his wife, Daneel Acklesreleased the prequel show The Winchesters in 2022. It featured the narration of his character Dean's storyline, which focused on the love story of his parents John and Mary Winchester. However, the show was canceled after just one season in early 2023.

Via X (formerly known as Twitter), Jensen suggested that the reason for the cancellation was the 2023 WGA strike and a “network shift.” At that time, The CW had changed leadership and many shows had been canceled by the network at the time, including Gotham Knights And Walker: Independence.

“To everyone who watched, followed and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to everyone who brought this show to life,” Jensen tweeted in 2023. “I couldn't be prouder of what we've all accomplished together.” But as the saying goes, timing is everything. With a massive network shift coupled with an industry strike… well… that's unfortunate timing. Sleep well, dear @WinchestersOnCW… until we meet again. Somewhere on the street [sic].”
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