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Jack Antonoff will die on this hill: Bagels are better in New Jersey – Monomaxos

Jack Antonoffwho, we'd like to remind you, is probably a wizard so you should really pay attention, is sick of his home state of New Jersey being screwed over.

In one (n In-depth video interview with Apple Music Zane Lowepublished on Wednesday, Antonoff defended his home state.

“Jersey is a very fun place for no reason,” Antonoff said. “This is extremely misunderstood. It's like Europe, man, everything is there. Everything. It is the most beautiful place and offers wonderful food and culture. And you want good Italian food? Screw New York City, you're going to New Jersey. Many of the things I think New York is famous for, I prefer in New Jersey. Sue the hell out of me, but I'm going to die on this hill. Pizza is 100 percent better in New Jersey. Bagels, 100 percent, are better in New Jersey.”

Antonoff, who has won three consecutive Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year and whose band Bleachers released their self-titled latest album on Friday, passionately defended the country that created not only himself but also Tony Soprano and Whitney Houston, among others notable New Jerseyans. Oh, Bruce Springsteenthat's another one, a legendary musician who holds a very special place in Antonoff's heart.

“Don't meet your idols unless your idol is Bruce Springsteen, that's the quote, right?” he joked.

He described what he sees as New Jersey's distinctive musical sound, the sonic equivalent of essentially being the sassy little brother trying to prove himself after New York City has already led the football team to the championship.

“For me, the reason I'm so obsessed with New Jersey and the landscape is not just the idea of ​​where I record and my heart and soul, but it's not just Bruce and it's not just a cool sound, “It's a very specific sound,” he said. “New Jersey is so unwieldy, it's like, 'Is this thing going to fall by the wayside?' There's the honking because it's on the coast, but if you As you go a little further up the horns get kind of stronger, as you go down they get a bit silly, it's like the horns in Jersey, they're so in love and sad, but they're anthemic.

He explained the genre, which he believes includes Bleachers, My Chemical Romance and other Jersey-raised musicians.

“It's such a specific sound, I call it 'Shadow of the City' because it's the only huge city in the world that has that kind of medievalism, you're right there, the depth of the energy, the ashes of the city , which falls on these people who live in New Jersey, where I grew up, and if you just look out the window and see it, you're right there, but so far away. It’s so strong.”

And guess what, a lot of what's “in New York” actually happens in New Jersey. The New York Jets and the New York Giants? Their stadium is in New Jersey. The The 2026 FIFA World Cup will take place in the fantasy land of “New York New Jersey”. This is – you guessed it! – actually just New Jersey. As an Antonoff employee Taylor Swift When she sang “Welcome to New York” on the Eras Tour in 2023, she greeted the audience in New Jersey. Let's give the New Jersey name a little respect for its love of all things bagels. (And while we're at it: Please improve the S-Bahn into the city.)

Antonoff, who grew up in Jersey but attended the Professional Children's School in Manhattan during his junior and senior years of high school, has a home in the state and emphasized that there are many Jerseyites who “give a shit” and “never…” Go to New York City” despite the proximity. They have everything they need, baby.

“They are completely removed from it,” he said.

He is even a converted wife Margaret Qualley to the New Jersey State of Mind. In a recent interview, she gushed: “I love hibernating. I love living in New Jersey because no one else lives in New Jersey.”
Meet the author behind the lifestyle inspiration! Antonio brings a unique perspective to the world of lifestyle, weaving together words that captivate and ideas that resonate. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for embracing the richness of everyday life, Antonio invites you on a journey to explore the art of living well.


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