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Jess Edwards: 5 Things to Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Contestant Stirring Up Drama – Monomaxos



Jess Edwards

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There’s always at least one contestant on The Bachelor who likes to amp up the drama. Jessica “Jess” Edwards certainly did that in the season 28 premiere. The 24-year-old arrived in grand fashion and quickly made the other ladies upset with her declaration after her chat with Joey Graziadei.

Who is Jess Edwards? She’s definitely going to be one to watch this season. From her background to her introduction on The Bachelor, here’s everything you need to know about Jess.

Jess Kissed Joey During the Premiere

Jess arrived at the Bachelor mansion in a speedboat, which was pulled by a pickup truck. Jess and Joey got some alone time during the premiere, and Jess didn’t hesitate to tell Joey about her feelings. “You’re a walking green flag,” she said. “You are everything I’ve been looking for in a partner and a relationship.”

Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards and Joey Graziadei in ‘The Bachelor’ season 28 premiere. (ABC)

Jess and Joey kissed after their brief chat. When Jess rejoined the rest of the women, she proudly declared that she and the Bachelor had “a little smoochy-poo.” Later, Jess tried to snatch Joey away from his time with Taylor. “I’m definitely not here to make friends,” Jess admitted.

Jess Is From San Diego

Jess is an executive assistant living in San Diego and helps people “who have been impacted by natural disasters.” She’s originally from Tennessee and attended East Tennessee State University. During her conversation with Joey, Jess told him how she’s lived in Tennessee, Colorado, and now California. “She’s got this traveler and this love for life inside of her,” Joey said.

Jess & Maria Georgas Face Off This Season

In the preview for the rest of the season, things get heated between Jess and fellow contestant Maria Georgas. “Who the hell are you to tell me that I can’t have time with Joey?” Maria asks Jess, who replies, “You need to grow up, b*tch.”

Jess Has Always Been a Fan of ‘The Bachelor’

Jess’ mom Kristie Ledford revealed to The Erwin Record that The Bachelor has been one of her daughter’s favorite shows since she was in high school. “I am very excited to see Jessie on national television,” Kristie said. “This has been a thrilling experience for Jessica, as well as the whole family.”

Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards in ‘The Bachelor’ season 28 premiere. (ABC)

Jess Knows What She Wants in a Partner

“I want to find someone that I can trust my heart with, someone who will respect me, and someone who will do anything to cherish our relationship,” she revealed in her ABC bio. The 24-year-old has “always dreamed of finding her perfect fairy tale love story.” In December 2023, Jess posted her Bachelor headshot and wrote on Instagram, “I think Jess & Joey has a nice [ring emoji] to it.”



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