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Kody Brown Reveals the Reason Why He Doesn’t ‘Believe Christine Is in Love’ – Monomaxos



Kody Brown
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Kody Brown doesn’t hesitate to go off about Christine Brown in the latest edition of the Sister Wives: One on One special. In the December 17 episode, host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan asks for Kody’s reaction to Christine’s claim that Robyn Brown doesn’t ultimately want to live a plural lifestyle. He doesn’t mince words about his ex.

“I don’t think Christine knows Robyn at all,” Kody says. “She’s never tried. She’s never been there. She was a sh*t sister wife. She’ll probably — and I hope — be a very good wife for David. It wasn’t a fit. There’s 1000 reasons why in the aftermath looking back you say these are all the reasons she wasn’t good in polygamy, but that’s all the reasons probably I wasn’t. So no, I don’t know that, but to make that accusation against Robyn is just sour-graping.”

He adds, “And I would think that now that she’s in love with David, that she should prove that out by never saying another mean thing about Robyn because that’s when I’ll believe Christine is in love, is when she doesn’t have anything bad to say about Robyn or about me to our children.”

Earlier in the episode, Kody calls Christine a “mean girl” for mocking his “suffering” over his plural family falling apart. Kody is asked whether or not he blames Christine for “destroying the big picture” when it comes to his plural family. “No. Because that’s all my fault for marrying a woman I didn’t love,” he says.

As for Christine, she’s ready to put Kody and Robyn behind her. “They deserve to be happy,” she says. “Go be happy with each other. For goodness sake, be happy with each other. Let the rest of us go. Let us go. Stop being angry. And then we can all get along again. Once you let it go and stop being mad.”

During the episode, Christine introduces her now-husband David Woolley to the world. She gushes over the “love of my life” as he speaks about their romance for the first time.

Kody can’t seem to let go of his grudge against Christine and blames her for his strained relationship with their kids. “I’m happy for her and her life and that she’s moving forward and that she’s going to find love. I’m happy for that.”

He adds, “But I cannot forgive, at least not right now, the fact that she has pit my children against me in a very subtle but real way that bothers me now. If she’s really in love, which I hope is the real story, that should all end. Her trash-talking me to my children, her trash-talking me on this should all end. Because if she’s in love, she should be over it.”



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