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Monomaxos: The partners Kristin Cavallari has been linked to throughout the years

Monomaxos: The partners Kristin Cavallari has been linked to throughout the years

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Kristin Cavallari has risen to prominence significantly! From her days as a junior high student, she featured in the debut season of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Throughout the show, her friendships, romantic involvements, and other adolescent adventures were captured. Through the years, Kristin, aged 37, has been involved in numerous reality shows including The hills. She has also explored acting in minor films like: Van Wilder from National Lampoon: Freshman Year.

With a significant portion of her life playing out on reality television, Kristin’s romantic liaisons have also garnered plenty of attention over time. About her relationship with her high school beau Stephen Colletti to her union with Jay Cutler. In September 2023, a spectator inquired about any clues regarding a celebrity she was dating because her offspring were admirers at a concert See what's happening live. The host Andy Cohen interjected and indicated that she had previously indicated that her children were fans of a specific country singer. “It’s unmistakably Morgan Wallen. She simply mentioned that her children were immense admirers of his,” he quipped.

Kristin’s eyes widened and she chuckled at the awkwardness. “I’m not responding to that inquiry,” she remarked, before deflecting one of Andy’s subsequent inquiries. “I’m not romantically involved with him.” Andy asked if she was “out on a date” with the vocalist of “Last Night,” and she answered, “I’m uncertain.”

Kristin avoided addressing the speculation about going on a date with a celebrity. (RW/MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

In February 2024, Kristin confirmed that she was in a relationship with Mark Estes a model on TikTok.

Let’s reminisce about Kristin’s love interests throughout the years here.

Stephen Colletti

The romance between Kristin and Stephen during their teenage years made its way onto “Laguna Beach.” (Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock)

In the year 2004, Kristin made her debut on Laguna Beach while she was romantically involved with her high school sweetheart, Stephen Colletti. The reality series delved into the ongoing love story of these two teenagers, navigating through their relationship dynamics and the tensions with another co-star at the time, Lauren Conrad. Nevertheless, akin to many high school flings, things ended between Kristin and Stephen eventually.

Post their separation, it seems that Stephen and Kristin are back on good terms! Following Kristin’s split with Jay Cutler, she shared a cozy picture of the two in 2020, triggering a wave of reunion speculation. Although a romantic reconciliation did not occur, they have collaborated several times in recent times, including on her Back to the Beach Podcast. During a podcast episode in January, Kristin extended an apology to Stephen, a gesture she had been contemplating for over a decade, reflecting on her infidelity with another individual during their stint on Laguna Beach. “I am ready to acknowledge this now as I have purged all the negativity from my mind, it truly sucks, and I am remorseful,” she expressed.

Talan Torreero

Kristin had a fleeting encounter with Talan while in Laguna Beach. (Picture Perfect/Shutterstock)

Kristin admitted to cheating on Stephen with her co-star Talan Torreero on Laguna Beach. “I don’t quite recollect cheating on you. I recall that the topic arose; perhaps it was with Talan,” she shared with her ex during the podcast. “Apart from Talan, I do not recollect being unfaithful to you with anyone else.”

Kristin disclosed that their affair coincided with Talan’s acquaintance with Lauren Conrad. “I had a rendezvous with Talan,” as disclosed by Lauren on a podcast episode from Cosmopolitan. Later, Kristin acknowledged, “We were all intertwined.”

Matt Leinart

Kristin was romantically involved with the then-college football player. (Jevone Moore/CSM/Shutterstock)

In the second season of Laguna Beach, Kristin ventured into a brief dalliance with football player Matt Leinart. During that period, the quarterback was actively engaged with college football at the University of Southern California and subsequently transitioned into the NFL, playing for the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and Oakland Raiders post-graduation.

Expressing only admiration on a podcast episode featuring her and Stephen, she lauded the soccer star. “Matt embodies kindness. He solely embodies goodness,” quoted via The New York Post.

Brody Jenner

Kristin has acknowledged that certain elements of her association with Brody were scripted for The Hills. (Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock)

Subsequent to Laguna Beach, Kristin transitioned to The hills, initiating a romance with another reality TV savvy individual: Brody Jenner. Although Kristin disputed specific occurrences on The hills to be authentic and what was concocted, the pair dated for approximately twelve months. Post the split, Kristin maintained an amicable bond with him, even extending good wishes to him and his then-partner Kaitlynn Carter in an interview with Entertainment tonight.

Upon the launch of the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings in 2021, Kristin rejoined the popular franchise alongside Brody. During that period, Kristin reflected to HollywoodLife in an exclusive interaction about the sheer enjoyment she experienced returning. “It felt incredibly fulfilling to return. It was akin to a seamless continuation,” she conveyed. “I cherished the reunions and the filming process. I participated in an episode, and I am sincerely delighted I could revisit and relish the experience.”

Nick Lachey

Kristin and Nick comically noted their children shared the name “Camden.” (Jeremy Smith/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

In 2006, Kristin was fleetingly linked to the 98 Degrees vocalist Nick Lachey, but their alleged affair was short-lived. Demonstrating a positive connection, during Kristin’s appearance on Nick’s Big Morning Buzz show in 2014, they playfully bantered about their mutual child named Camden, which had escaped Nick’s notice, detailed by MTV.

Nick Zano

Kristin briefly dated Nick and had his initials tattooed on her wrist. (Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock)

In 2006, another fleeting romance for Kristin was with actor from What I like About You, Nick Zano. She held a significant fondness for him, going as far as tattooing his initials on her wrist, with their union reaching an abrupt end.came to an end back in 2007. Following their breakup, she opted to have the tattoo removed, as reported by E! News.

Justin Bobby Brescia

In the duration of her appearance on The hills, Kristin’s involvement in a love triangle with Justin Bobby Brescia and Audrina Partridge became a significant plotline in 2009. Despite the on-screen drama, Audrina, in her biography, alleged that Justin “collaborated with the show to orchestrate a bond with Kristin to maintain his relevance in the public eye.” According to People

Audrina further detailed that much of the tension was manufactured for the cameras. “I truly had nothing much to communicate with her. I had concluded things with Justin, and I genuinely couldn’t care less if Kristin and Justin spent time together – particularly because I understood it was all for the show,” she expressed. “Kristin didn’t wish to prolong matters, so she was present and strived to pacify me sufficiently so that I could proceed with filming the scene and finish it. When the cameras were turned off, we shared a laugh about it, but once they were rolling, we yelled and quarreled, making it seem authentic.”

Miguel Medina

While being featured on The hills, Kristin got romantically entangled with another individual related to the show, albeit positioned behind the camera. She disclosed dating a cameraman named Miguel Medina in 2010, according to Us Weekly. Part of her affectionate connection with Brody Jenner on screen was purportedly staged for the show, as she was actually involved with Miguel during that time, reported by The Things.

Jay Cutler

Kristin and Jay shared matrimony from 2013 until 2020. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Kristin initiated a romantic involvement with NFL player Jay Cutler in 2010, culminating in their nuptials in 2013. Through their marriage, they welcomed three children, but eventually decided to part ways in 2020. Their divorce was legally finalized in 2022. In a 2021 interview on the From the Vine Podcast, Kristin reflected on her resolution to separate from Jay, expressing, “I came to the conclusion that I didn’t desire to remain in a toxic relationship any longer and had to conclude it.”

While Kristin has been candid in various interviews regarding her split from Jay, the footballer mentioned that he had no intention of speaking negatively about her in an interview on Call her dad Interview. He mentioned, “If she wishes to express her sentiments, she is free to do so. I won’t continue in this manner because of her. I mean, she is still the mother of my child,” as he addressed the situation. During the same conversation, he refuted any claims of infidelity on his part.

Jeff Dye

Kristin and Jeff briefly dated post her separation from Jay. (ChristopherPolk/LiveXLive/Shutterstock)

Subsequent to her split from Jay, a comedian named Jeff Dye entered the picture in Kristin’s love life. Speculation about their relationship started surfacing when they were sighted engaging in public displays of affection in Chicago in October 2020. Yet, after only five months together, reports surfaced claiming that they had called it quits and their relationship wasn’t deeply serious.

Chase Rice

There were reports of Kristin’s connection with Chase for a period in 2021, but by October of that year, she confirmed her single status. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Following the end of her involvement with Jeff, Kristin was briefly associated with country singer Chase Rice in August 2021. Nevertheless, the partnership proved to be fleeting and casual. In October of the same year, she declared via an Instagram story that she was unattached, responding to a fan’s inquiry about her relationship status. She wrote, “But no one seriously – I was just having fun. I didn’t want a boyfriend. But I’m not currently dating anyone,” clarifying her stance.

Mark Estes

On February 27, 2024, Kristin publicly acknowledged her relationship with 24-year-old model and TikTok personality Mark Estes on Instagram. She uploaded a joyful photograph of them posing together during a vacation in Mexico, along with the caption, “He brings joy to my life.” Mark also utilized TikTok to share a video of the two wearing swimsuits, lip-syncing to Gloriana‘s track “(Kissed You) Good Night.” They shared affectionate moments, embracing and kissing, as he lifted her up.



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