Home Celebrity Scoop Lesley-Ann Brandt Applauds Thorne and Rick’s Chaste Friendship in ‘TWD’ Spinoff: They’re ‘True Allies’ (Exclusive) – Monomaxos

Lesley-Ann Brandt Applauds Thorne and Rick’s Chaste Friendship in ‘TWD’ Spinoff: They’re ‘True Allies’ (Exclusive) – Monomaxos

Lesley-Ann Brandt Applauds Thorne and Rick’s Chaste Friendship in ‘TWD’ Spinoff: They’re ‘True Allies’ (Exclusive) – Monomaxos

Lesley Ann Brandt

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Rick and Michonne’s love journey is in its early stages. In the latest installment The Walking Dead: Those Who Live, Rick and Michonne embark on a quest to reunite after years of being apart. As time passes, new relationships and adversaries enter their lives. Hollywood life exclusively talked to cast members of The ones who liveLesley Ann Brandt, Matthew August Jeffers, Craig Tate, and Terry O’Quinn at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour about their character dynamics with Rick and Michonne.

Lesley-Ann portrays Pearl Thorne, a member of the Civic Republic Military who crosses paths with Rick. The possibility of a meeting between Thorne and Michonne still hangs in the balance. The former Lucifer star acknowledged, “Michonne and Thorne could have been companions in a different context outside this grim reality due to their inner strength.” Delving deeper into their vulnerable core and showing their trusted companions, she continued, “[Michonne] embodies hope, and Thorne embodies survival.”

Pointing out the similarities between Rick and Thorne, the actress remarked, “Initially, Rick and Thorne seem alike. It’s a question of their future actions. What drives one to a particular path over another? Through my character, I aim to provide support to Rick in this turbulent world, and they are genuine allies.”

Lesley Ann Brandt
Lesley-Ann Brandt alongside Andrew Lincoln in The Ones Who Live. (AMC)

A remarkable aspect of Thorne and Rick’s bond that Lesley-Ann appreciates is the absence of any romantic undertones. Thorne won’t disrupt the Richonne fandom.

“I wanted to steer clear of any romantic connotations. I felt it was unnecessary,” Lesley-Ann shared with Hollywood life. “This concern was foremost in my mind when I took on the project. I believe that showcasing genuine camaraderie between men and women on screen, as they navigate a shared human experience and embark on a journey together, without it being perceived as romantic or sexual, is a refreshing portrayal. I was relieved that this aspect was never explored.”

While Rick and Michonne’s romantic arc takes precedence in The ones who live, their platonic friendships serve as essential anchors during their physical separation. Matthew portrays Nat, a confidant of Michonne.

“Platonic relationships have an intriguing depth, especially in a culture where sexual elements dominate relationships,” Matthew elucidated. “In this series, Nat and Michonne share a similar bond to Rick and Thorne in distinct ways. Despite their unique paths, they connect through shared values. Both Nat and Michonne possess unwavering faith, albeit having endured separate trials. During a panel discussion, I highlighted the concept of recognizing someone across the room who speaks the same language, understands your challenges, and recognizes your journey. Nat and Michonne’s evolving camaraderie is enriching. It’s a reciprocal association – each character fulfills a vital role for the other, and it was a pleasure to delve into this with Danai [Gurira].”

Matthew August Jeffers
Matthew August Jeffers portraying Nat. (AMC)

Terry is no stranger to portraying resolute, rugged characters. The Lost actor embodies Beale, the Civic Republic Military’s commanding officer. His primary duty is to safeguard the city’s populace and, above all, safeguard the survival of the human race. He remarked, “He will adopt any necessary measures to ensure this objective without seeking collective input.”

Craig assumes the role of Donald Okafor, a high-ranking officer in the Civic Republic Military. While fulfilling their CRM obligations, characters like Okafor on The ones who live will unravel the complexities of their personalities and reveal how everyone grapples with the scars and grudges of the past, navigating a post-apocalyptic existence and at times, losing sight of it. The Walking Dead: Those Who Live premieres on February 25th. The series will air on Sundays on AMC and AMC+.



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