Home Celebrity Scoop Mark Estes: 5 things you need to learn about Kristin Cavallari's latest partner – Monomaxos

Mark Estes: 5 things you need to learn about Kristin Cavallari's latest partner – Monomaxos

Mark Estes: 5 things you need to learn about Kristin Cavallari's latest partner – Monomaxos

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Photo credit: Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images

Mark Estes emerged as the fresh individual captivating Kristin Cavallari‘s attention. The 37-year-old from Laguna Beach unveiled their blossoming bond on Instagram, alongside an image of the twosome in Mexico showcasing their happiness. Mark, aged 24, reciprocated by introducing Kristin to his TikTok follower base for the first time. Watch the Video capturing their cuddly moments during a tropical getaway.

Having parted ways with her ex-husband Jay Cutler three years ago, Kristin seems elated with her new romance, hitting back at critics on a TikTok post dated March 2. Dismissing naysayers who raised eyebrows at her dating preference for a significantly younger mate, her response was a nonchalant, “So what?”

Curious to know more about Mark Estes? Below, find out intriguing details about the TikTok star.

Mark: The TikTok sensation

A prominent member of the Montana Boyz, Mark is part of a TikTok collective boasting nearly 460,000 followers. Alongside Caleb Campbell Winterburn and Kade Cutter Wilcox, the trio shares dance sequences and offers glimpses into their cowboy lifestyle, often displaying chiseled physiques in their content.

A Nashville dweller

Residing in Nashville echoes Mark’s proximity to Kristin’s abode. The exact serendipitous moment of their encounter remains a mystery, possibly intertwined with their shared geographical location. Kristin, juggling responsibilities for her three adorable kids from her prior marriage, finds solace in her newfound association.

Rooted in Montana

Montana nurtured Mark’s upbringing and identity, cementing his association with the “Montana Boyz”. Educated at Glacier High School in Kalispell, Montana, Mark’s origins flavor his essence and camaraderie with his fellow Montanans.

Former college footballer

Transitioning from college football stints at both Montana State University and Montana Tech University as a wide receiver, Mark culminated his athletic chapter in November 2023 at the latter institution. Reflecting on this odyssey, Mark shared a poignant Instagram post, expressing gratitude for the profound impact football had on him—embracing the coaches and brethren who walked alongside him.

Entrepreneurship in fashion

Venturing into the attire realm, Mark spearheads Belmont Acres, his clothing line birthed in collaboration with his Montana compatriots. Propelled by their shared fascination with the wilderness and the triumphs intertwined with life under the expansive Montana sky, Belmont Acres epitomizes their harmonious spirit.



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