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Meri Brown Responds to Not Being Invited to Christine Brown’s Wedding to David Woolley – Monomaxos

Meri Brown
Image Credit: TLC

Meri Brown isn’t holding grudges. Meri is asked if she thinks she’ll be invited to Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding. “I don’t think I will,” she tells host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan during the December 17 episode of the Sister Wives: One on One special.

However, Meri doesn’t have any bad blood with her former sister wife over not getting an invite to the nuptials. In fact, she’s very understanding. “I’m okay with it because a wedding is a very special moment that you don’t want to have any issues,” Meri says. “They’re not going to want — and I would not want — to bring that kind of conflict of emotion into Christine’s wedding. Like, I would not want that for her. So I’m truly okay with that.”

During the episode, Christine reveals she’s not inviting ex Kody or Robyn Brown to her wedding. “I’m not close with their kids right now,” she says. “I’ve reached out to them. They haven’t answered, but it’s fine. Everyone needs to process what they need to process.”

However, she does say she’s inviting Kody’s siblings and Kody’s mom. “I’m super close to them,” Christine admits in the episode.

Suki asks Meri if she hopes to get married again someday. “Yeah, I do. I hope to find somebody who loves and accepts the person that I am and cherishes me and knows my heart and likes it,” Meri admits.

The Sister Wives: One on One special episodes were filmed prior to Christine and David’s wedding in October 2023. They had gotten engaged in April 2023. Janelle Brown was the only one of Christine’s former sister wives to attend the wedding.

During the December 17 episode, David sat down for his first on-camera interview with Christine. “I love her energy,” David says about Christine. “I love the bubbliness about her. The quirkiness about her, too. That’s like the top. Just everything she does… When I met her, it was just instant. I knew she was the one to be with. And then I got to know each other more and more.”
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