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Nelly Reveals He ‘Knocked’ His Tooth Out & Ashanti Trolls Him About Finding It – Monomaxos

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Losing a tooth has to be hard, but it’s also something that your partner has the right to laugh at you for. Nelly revealed that he’d knocked a tooth out while in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl weekend in a live video posted on Sunday, February 11. The rapper, 49, got on the live with his girlfriend Ashanti, 43, who couldn’t stop laughing at him.

As Nelly and Ashanti got on live together, he grinned to show the missing tooth. She started cackling as soon as she got on. “I knocked my g*****n tooth out my mouth. Look,” the “Hot in Herre” rapper said. Ashanti started asking him where his “spares” were and asked him to find it. “Where is it? I found it for you when we were in Miami,” she told him.

Nelly was en route for a performance when he knocked his tooth out, and by the end of the call, he told Ashanti that he’d never forget the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Nelly then continued to ask Ashanti if she “still love[s] me,” despite knocking out his tooth.” She assured him, through laughter, that it was fine. “Yes of course,” she said. “Babe, what are we going to do?” They started talking about options in terms of finding a dentist who could replace the tooth. Despite the dental mishap, the “Rain on Me” singer told her beau that she was still into him. “You still look cute. I’d hit,” she said.

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Ashanti and Nelly got back together in April 2023, nearly 10 years after breaking up in 2014. Since reuniting, the pair are clearly head over heels for one another once again. They’ve joined each other on stage for a few steamy performances, and their chemistry is clearly good both on stage and off. It was reported that Ashanti was pregnant with her first child in December 2023, per Us Weekly. While the baby will be Ashanti’s first and their first child together, Nelly does have two kids from a previous relationship.
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