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Nick Viall and Natalie Joy recall pregnancy scares 4 months after the birth of their daughter River – Monomaxos

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy

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Photo credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for ESPN & CFP

Life as a newlywed couple has proven to be sexy – and sometimes scary – for Nick Viall And Natalie JoyFour months after the birth of their first child, the couple revealed on the June 4 episode of The Viall Files: Podcast that they had recently been afraid of becoming pregnant.

“I felt sick and vomited a few times in a row in the morning,” said 25-year-old Natalie. “I thought I had stomach flu. I talked to my mom about it and she asked me if I was pregnant.”

Natalie’s first thought was that this was absolutely not the case, but she realized: “We just got back from our honeymoon.” After a sleepless night, she decided to take a pregnancy test.

“We were stressed, we were very nervous,” Nick, 43, admitted. “Of course we talked about expanding our family, but holy shit. I don’t care – Natalie has been through so much and I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m going to get in so much trouble.'”

Although Natalie found out she wasn’t pregnant, they remembered some questions her doctor asked about birth control at a five-week check-up. “I’ve never used birth control in my life,” Natalie said. “The doctor said, ‘Either you have to use condoms or Nick must be so incredibly good at pulling it out.’ I just thought, ‘I think he’s pretty good.'”

Nick added, “We just got married. Condoms? No. I have.”


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While Natalie joked that she would be abstinent in the future, Nick clarified: “We have our game under control, the game is on.”

Just last month, Natalie gushed about her new chapter in life as a mother, describing parenthood as better than anything she ever expected.

“She is perfect,” she said Morning, honey in May. “I couldn’t have imagined or made a more perfect baby. She is everything I’ve ever wanted. … She will know how to take on the world and I can’t wait to see the woman she becomes. It’s also going way too fast. How can she be almost four months old already? It’s crazy!”

As for her husband, Natalie had to give credit where credit was due. The bachelor Star for his dedication. “He loves her as much as I do and I know he has the same intentions as me,” she said. “He’s changed way more dirty diapers than I have! He jumps up in the middle of the night. He loves being a dad and it’s so sweet to watch.”
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