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Prince William’s Sweet Moment with Prince Louis at Christmas Carol Concert Warms Hearts – Monomaxos

Prince William has plenty on his plate with not only being next in line for the throne, but also being father of three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Still, he found time during his royal family duties at the taping of Together at Christmas, the annual holiday carol concert hosted by his wife Kate Middleton, to commit to family duties, sharing a sweet moment with youngest son Louis.

William and Louis, 5, were spotted walking hand-in-hand amongst the crowd in Westminster Abbey at the taping on Friday, while father guided his son through meeting various clergy members. In a clip posted to TikTok, William is seen gently placing his hand on Louis’ shoulder and the side of his head as his youngest son greeted the clergy. Louis bit his lip in concentration, while his older siblings, George, 10, and Charlotte, 8, trailed behind their father.

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“He’s such a good father,” the TikTok user wrote in the caption of the video.

Louis was also caught getting up to some of his traditional youthful shenanigans during the taping, of course. Reports said that the youngest Wales family member was spotted yawning during the two-hour service, but perked right up when he was given a candle, leaning over to try and blow out his sister’s flame.

Longtime fans of Louis’ short reign as the silliest prince (five years and counting) will remember his enraptured facial expressions during the coronation of King Charles III, his screaming at planes during Trooping the Colour, and his masterfully theatrical shushing of his mother during the Platinum Jubilee. At his first official royal engagement in May, Louis was equipped with a bow and arrow, which he employed with a very serious face, and was allowed to operate an excavator (with a heavy assist, once again, from dad Prince William).

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