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Raven-Symone remembers how the “internet” exploded when she said she was “not African American” in 2014. – Monomaxos

Raven Symone
Photo credit: Getty Images

Raven Symone recalls the backlash in 2014 when she said she didn't want to be labeled as “African-American.” During the latest episode of “Her and Wife.” Miranda Madayis “Tea Time With Raven and Miranda Podcast,” which Raven's home The 38-year-old star recalled how the “internet exploded.”

“When that aired, I felt like the entire internet exploded and trashed my name,” she said. “There was so much backlash from my community and others who misunderstood it [or] I didn't hear the exact words I said. And the exact words I said are, “I'm American, not African American.” A lot of people thought I said I wasn't black, and I never said that. … I felt judged and not heard.”

The That's so Raven Alum explained what she meant at the time and clarified that she wasn't “negating.” [her] Blackness.”

“When I say that African Americans don’t fit me — that label — it doesn’t mean that I’m denying my Blackness or that I’m not Black,” she explained. “That means I come from this country. I was born here. My mother, my father, my great-great-great-great-great – that's what I'm saying. The pure logistics of it.”

The Disney Channel actress emphasized that she understands the importance of her lineage and recognizes “how much blood, sweat and tears they have put into this earth to create the America I live in today: free, happy, tax-paying.” .”, American citizen.”

However, Raven noted that every time she visits a different country, she notices that people say, “There's an American, plain and simple,” instead of specifically saying, “Look at that African American over there.”

After seeing the uproar her comments caused in 2014, Raven noted to her wife that she felt “attacked” by everyone.

Raven Symone
Getty Images

The comment in question came from Raven's conversation with Oprah Winfrey. That was back then Zeno: Girl of the 21st Century Star tried to come out to the world, but the interview ended up focusing on labels.

“I don’t want to be labeled gay,” Raven said at the time. “I want to be called a person who loves people. I'm tired of being labeled. I'm American, I'm not African American. I'm american.”

In response, Oprah said, “Oh girl, don't set Twitter on fire.”

“That's what I'm going to say,” Raven continued in her conversation with Oprah. “I don’t know where my roots go. I don't know how far back they go. … I don't know which country in Africa I come from, but I know my roots are in Louisiana. I'm american. And that is a colorless person.”
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