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Taylor Swift Arrives at the Super Bowl 2024 to Cheer on Travis Kelce – Monomaxos

Taylor Swift made it to the Super Bowl 2024. So did Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, and a whole bunch of other people, too, but we already knew that would happen. It’s been a question for weeks whether Swift would make the long transcontinental trip to see the Super Bowl LVIII, and we finally have our answer. 

Swift, who has been dating Chiefs tight end Kelce since mid-summer 2023, made the nearly 6,000-mile journey from Tokyo, where she performed the last of the city’s four planned of her Eras Tour, to Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium to see Kelce play in the NFL’s championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. After all, the Japanese Embassy and The West Wing both told us it was possible, and, as Swiftie romance author Alexa Martin told Vanity Fair, “She went to a game in Buffalo, New York in the middle of winter—she is going to the Super Bowl.”

And, indeed, there she is. Swift departed Tokyo after her shows ended, traveling across space and time to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas, and was spotted Sunday arriving at Allegiant Stadium with pals Ice Spice (whom she introduced during that fateful Saturday Night Live drop-in stunt she and Kelce pulled) and Blake Lively, as well as mom Andrea Swift.

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Swift was dressed for business, wearing black crystal-embellished jeans by AREA and a black corseted Dion Lee crop top, paired with a red Chiefs bomber jacket from Erin Andrews’s WEAR line, hair pulled back in a high ponytail. She wore a diamond-encrusted “87” pendant by Stephanie Gottlieb around her neck to rep her beau’s jersey number, a diamond tennis choker (also by Stephanie Gottlieb), and another sparkly red gem necklace, and her omnipresent red lip (conveniently the Chiefs’ signature color as well) was accounted for. Oh, and don’t forget that football-shaped, red jewel-covered Judith Lieber purse on a delicate chain slung over her shoulder to carry the essentials. 

Kelce, who arrived separately, also rocked an all-black ‘fit, wearing a black-on-black boucle custom suit by Amiri over a black knit top.

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It would appear that both sides of the power couple are already scoring fashion points well before kickoff. 

Today’s game is a rematch of Kelce’s first Super Bowl appearance, back in 2020, when the Chiefs also played the 49ers—and came out on top. Super Bowl betting this year has a distinctly Swiftian bent: You can bet not only on which will win, who’s going to catch which ball thrown by whom, and all the usual football stuff, but prop bets involving Swift, Kelce, and Kelce and Swift are abundant. Want to bet on whether they’ll kiss after the game? Whether we’ll get more “I love you”s in a spiritual sequel to when the Chiefs clinched their Super Bowl LVIII berth? Who Swift will be sitting with up in that suite? (Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, has said she assumes she’ll be in the bleachers due to the expense of the game, but it feels highly unlikely that Swift wouldn’t be in a box.) Then ante up and make your wildest dreams come true.
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