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Taylor Swift references Travis Kelce at the concert by saying, “That’s My Man” – Monomaxos

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour
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Image source: Don Arnold/TAS24/[SOURCE] for TAS Rights Management

That's her life partner! Taylor Swift seemed to single out her partner, Travis Kelce in the crowd during her inaugural performance of the Epoch tour in Sydney, Australia. While serenading the audience with her track “Willow,” the renowned 34-year-old vocalist gestured towards the 34-year-old football player.

Numerous social media users shared Videos of the occasion, with followers of Swift noticing the sweet gesture at the Grammy Awards and encouraging the elated pair.

During another segment of the show, the “Lover” vocalist also referenced her partner while performing “Long Live,” mouthing the words “When They Present Us Our Trophies,” fans speculated. Many interpreted this as a tribute to Travis’ squad, the Kansas City Chiefs, clinching the 2024 Super Bowl.

The highlight of the night was when Taylor and Travis shared a kiss after the conclusion of her concert. In additional footage captured by fans, the popular artist of “You Belong With Me” could be seen waving to the crowd before embracing and kissing her partner as they departed. The crowd erupted in cheers witnessing the heartwarming moment.

Travis’ attendance at Taylor’s show in Australia was unknown earlier in the week. Uncertainty loomed over whether he would journey from Kansas City to Sydney, but the sportsperson’s father, Ed Kelce playfully hinted that his son was eager to join.

Following the Super Bowl, during their conversation, I inquired about his plans for Sydney, to which Ed mentioned, “His enthusiasm was palpable.” The Sydney Morning Herald reported this on February 20th. He expressed interest in visiting Sydney and Singapore but was uncertain due to prior commitments. Subsequently, Travis chartered a private jet to Australia.

A day before her performance at Accor Stadium, Taylor and Travis were spotted at the Sydney Zoo by local media.

Despite the focus on Taylor’s love life during her Sydney concerts, another notable figure, Katy Perry, attended the event. The 39-year-old “ET” artist showed up to show her support for Taylor and later shared snippets from the concert on her Instagram.

β€œWitnessed an old acquaintance shining tonight,” the American idol judge wrote alongside her post. Despite past conflicts, Katy was spotted enjoying Taylor’s track “Bad Blood,” reportedly inspired by their previous tensions.