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‘The Challenge’ Alum Nelson Thomas Getting His Foot Amputated 1 Year After Brutal Car Accident – Monomaxos

Nelson Thomas

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Image Credit: Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Nelson Thomas will undergo a foot amputation on the one-year anniversary of his brutal car accident, the star of The Challenge revealed in a new Instagram post. The reality TV personality shared images from the incident and his recovery. 

“March 5, 2023 remains vivid in my memory, a persistent presence in my thoughts,” Nelson captioned his post on Sunday, February 11. “I consciously embrace it as the initiation of a new chapter. Opting for amputation, I am determined to own March 5 and redefine its significance in my life. Get ready, amputation world! I’m on my way! I am scheduled for surgery on March 5, 2024.” 

At the beginning of his video montage, Nelson included a photo of himself in the recovery process. Other images showed the extent of his injury. Despite getting his foot stitched up, the pictures showed how the injury apparently became infected and spread. Along with the video included audio of his doctor explaining the surgical procedure and Nelson’s narration of his journey. 

“I have to ask myself what kind of life I want to live and the quality of life I want to live,” Nelson said, while pointing out that the several surgeries he underwent following the accident “didn’t work out” for him. “I think I’m at peace with it, and it’s time,” the MTV star added. 

Shortly before revealing his upcoming amputation, Nelson shared a separate social media post, encouraging his fans to “embrace the challenges” that life can throw at them. 

“Let’s embrace the challenges, face the storm head on, and conquer adversity,” he captioned a clip of himself working out. “I won’t run away. I’ll run towards my challenges, leaving a lasting impact that people won’t forget.” 

In September 2023, Nelson shared an update on his health in an Instagram post. Though fans were eagerly hoping for a positive announcement, Nelson explained he was facing a setback. 

“Come to find out, where they have the screws and plates, the bone broke. It did not re-heal,” he said in the video post. “The doctor has laid my options out there. The stage that I’m in right now is called a salvage stage, which [means] either they can salvage my ankle, or they can amputate it. This is not going to break me, but goddamn, I’m so over hearing bad news. I just wanted some good news today.”
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