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Tony Hawk Shares First Photo From Son’s Wedding to Frances Bean Cobain – Monomaxos

It seems safe to say that skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is ride-or-die for his son Riley Hawk and new wife Frances Bean Cobain. The couple got married in October, but the photo the elder Hawk shared to his Instagram account Wednesday in celebration of his son’s 31st birthday is the first that’s made its way out into the world.

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“Happy 31st to this wonderful, talented young man,” Hawk captioned a photo of the happy couple, Cobain in her wedding dress. “I am thankful he found the love of his life and a healthy, disciplined approach to adulthood. And that he is inspiring his younger siblings by example. We had a blast at the wedding and we love you Riley!”

In typical dad fashion, Tony couldn’t resist including a goofy little honey-do for Cobain in the message alongside his birthday wishes: “Frances please show this to him since he’s no longer in the Insta bubble.”

Cobain, the daughter of late grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, has been paired off with Riley since sometime in 2021, as she confirmed in an Instagram post of things “that brought me a great amount of joy” over the prior year on New Year’s Day 2022. In addition to shots of Riley, she also enjoyed dogs and art.

Cobain was previously married to Isaiah Silva, whom she wed in 2014 and finalized her divorce from in 2017. The pair cited “irreconcilable differences” as the legal reason for their split.

Cobain and the younger Hawk tied the knot on October 7 in San Diego County, in a ceremony officiated by R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, who is also Cobain’s godfather.
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