Home Celebrity Scoop Zendaya and Tom Holland were seen kissing at the Challengers premiere in a new video – Monomaxos

Zendaya and Tom Holland were seen kissing at the Challengers premiere in a new video – Monomaxos

Zendaya and Tom Holland were seen kissing at the Challengers premiere in a new video

 – Monomaxos

Tom Holland and Zendaya

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The most popular and friendly neighborhood couple is in England! Zendaya and her friend, Tom HollandThey were spotted sharing a sweet kiss at the London premiere of their film challenger on Wednesday, April 10th. According to an X-video captured by fans, the couple could be seen leaning in for a quick kiss before taking their seats in the cinema to watch the sports drama.

Zendaya, 27, also gushed about her boyfriend, 27, during a red carpet interview when she was asked what she thought of his upcoming role in the West End production of ” Romeo and Juliet.

“I'm extremely excited,” she said, wearing a white dress embroidered with tennis rackets and ruby ​​lipstick at the event. “I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

When asked if she had rehearsed lines with the Spider-Man Franchise actor Zendaya replied, “I did! I did, yes.”

Because they wanted to hide their romance from the public, Zendaya and Tom didn't walk the red carpet together. Instead, the Disney Channel alum posed for photos alone in her stunning outfit. Everything by Zendaya challenger Premiere looks stayed on theme with her sports film.

Zendaya at the London premiere of Challengers
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Zendaya recently opened up about how Tom's career changed “overnight” in a recent interview Fashion. While recalling how she and Tom landed their roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actress noted that she “definitely watched his life change before his eyes. But he really handled it beautifully.”

“We were both very, very young, but my career was already in full swing and his changed overnight,” Zendaya explained in the interview, which was published on Tuesday, April 9. “One day you’re a kid and you go to the bar with your friends and the next day you’re Spider-Man.”

Since she and Tom are swarmed by paparazzi and fans wherever they go, she said that as a public figure you kind of get used to, 'Oh, I'm one of those works of art that you're going to see, too.'” Take a picture of. I just have to be totally cool with it and just live my life.'”

Still, with time and experience, Zendaya has learned that she doesn't have to fulfill every single fan's wish to take a photo with her.

“I think growing up I always felt like if someone asked for a picture, I had to do it all the time,” she emphasized. “You have to say 'yes' because you have to be grateful that you're here. And while I still feel that way, I've also learned that I can say “no” and kindly say that I have a day off, or that I'm just trying to be for myself today, and I'm doing that not. Actually, you don’t have to perform all the time.”



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