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Alex Rodriguez elucidates the reason behind his bronzed appearance: ‘I’m of Dominican descent’ – Monomaxos

Alex Rodriguez explains why his viral tan looks dark
Alex Rodríguez David Berding/Getty Images

Alex Rodríguez clarifies why his complexion appears notably “darker” following his getaway.

“Yes, I understand my skin tone is on the deep side, yet I have Dominican heritage,” Rodriguez, 48, articulated on a Saturday, February 24: Tick ​​tock Video. “And during my vacation, I unintentionally dozed off under the sun. Hence, no need to be alarmed.”

To cap it off, he stated: “Stay relaxed and calm, folks.”

Rodriguez was present at the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball face-off against the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, February 23rd. Enthusiastic sports followers instantaneously flocked to social platforms and spotted that Rodriguez's complexion appeared duskier than usual.

Alex Rodriguez dating history

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Searching for affection. Alex Rodriguez has encountered numerous high-profile relationships and been associated with actresses and musicians over the years. The New York native garnered recognition primarily as a player for the New York Yankees from 2004 to 2013 before making a brief return in 2015. During the times he wasn’t making headlines for his prominent presence […]

“Alex Rodriguez must have toasted for ‘Mississippily.’ Appeared like Ross Geller’s distinct tan,” one X user penned, alluding to the Friends episode in which David Schwimmer's character miscalculated the duration in the tanning booth.

Another comment stated: “Why does Alex Rodriguez resemble someone who just requested a triple tan?”

Rodriguez’s TikTok caption further reiterated his perspective. “Everyone relax, it’s merely a tan,” he inscribed.

Alex Rodriguez explains why his viral tan looks dark
Alex Rodríguez Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Rodriguez has embarked on a health journey over the last few years, with companion Jaclyn Cordeiro aiding in jump-starting it.

“She was an incredible influence on me and Cynthia [Scurtis, my former spouse]Rodriguez expressed to Us weekly in September 2023.”[Jac is] The singular individual capable of engaging in the co-parenting process and elevating both of us. Cynthia has significantly excelled due to her involvement in the JacFit program [and] I shed 32 pounds through her regimen. The impact she has through JacFit and the positive reception she garners from people is truly astounding.”

The ex-Major League Baseball star went on: “I witness the transformative effect it has had on my life and well-being [and with] Cynthia, among others. She takes a proactive approach [location] and aids in achieving optimal fitness levels to prevent health issues.”

'Date Night'!  Alex Rodriguez's best moments with daughters Natasha and Ella

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Affectionate towards his daughters! Alex Rodriguez is a parent to Natasha and Ella with his former spouse Cynthia Scurtis — and the retired baseball professional adores showcasing their special moments on social media. The ex-athlete, who referred to teenagers as the “most rewarding” aspect of his life in a poignant Instagram post in September 2021, was in a marital union with Scurtis since 2002 […]

Rodriguez initiated a relationship with Cordeiro, 44, in October 2022 following a brief liaison with him Kathryne Padgett. Rodriguez’s rapid romance with Padgett marked his first since his engagement with Jennifer Lopez was made public in April 2021. (Lopez, 54, tied the knot with a former flame Ben Affleck in July 2022.)

Rodriguez was formerly wed to Scurtis, with whom he shares daughters Natasha and Ella. Despite their 2008 divorce, they remained dedicated to harmonious co-parenting of their children.

Rodriguez professed to Us in August 2023 that he considers himself the “most fortunate man” to have Natasha, 18, and Ella, 15, with Scurtis.

“We all rely on Cynthia. … This is perhaps one of my proudest achievements in my whole life,” he disclosed to Us. “Forget about the grand slams [and] the championships, being a co-parent [with her] and Cynthia being my closest companion. She excels as a mother.”

Scurtis also has a daughter, Camilla, with her spouse, Angel Nicholas.