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Alicia Keys’ trainer reveals the singer’s demanding training program – Monomaxos

Alicia Keys trainer says the singer loves challenges during training

Alicia Keys. Karwai Tang/WireImage

Alicia Keys‘ personal trainer Anna Kaiser says the singer loves a “challenge” when training.

Kaiser told We weekly exclusively that she focuses primarily on “interval-based” workouts with Keys, 43, to build endurance for her stage shows.

“I created a program with intervals that alternate between power and strength. And we use a Pilates box. And it’s a workout I call STEP. So we work with athletic conditioning exercises – like box jumps, near peters and burpees and jacks – and then we take a break and do a set of four strength exercises,” the personal trainer explained. “I like to focus on full-body strength exercises.”

Kaiser explained that “we’re not a collection of parts, we’re a whole body,” so full-body training is “more of a challenge for the heart rate.” She noted that Keys is “really advanced.”

Alicia Keys

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Keys “wants to feel like she’s being pushed to the limit,” Kaiser continued, adding that she will have the singer do upper body and lower body workouts simultaneously.

Alicia Keys trainer says the singer loves challenges during training

Alicia Keys. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

“When she does shoulder presses, she also does a curtsy lunge and I add a core rotation with an extension of the shoulder press,” she explained. “Even though they are separate body focuses, we still create a balance challenge with her lower body and work in a transverse plane.”

Kaiser wants her workouts to “challenge your brain, your body and your heart simultaneously.”

“When you think about endurance exercises, you want to think not just about the front back plane like in burpees or running or cycling, but also about lateral movements, about movements across your midline,” the trainer added. “I incorporate all of those planes of movement into the strength sections of conditioning and strength and then we do another strength round where we focus more on the lower body.”

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Especially with keys, they practice “before a show” to warm up their voice.

“There’s no speaking, just warming up your voice with cardio before you go on stage,” Kaiser enthused. “It’s a great way to feel strong and ready.”

In addition to training her top clients, Kaiser also offers workouts for everyone with Anna Kaiser Virtual Studiosthat gives people the opportunity to train with a celebrity trainer no matter where they are – at home, on the go – with a weekly curated class schedule for $39 per month.
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