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Drew Carey’s weight loss: How the presenter of “The Price Is Right” lost 36 kilograms – Monomaxos

The weight loss transformation of the “the price is hot“Longtime host Drew Carey shows that while there is always a price to pay for falling into junk food addiction, it’s never too late to recover from a sedentary lifestyle and get in shape. Drew Carey’s weight loss was a huge personal achievement for him and a huge inspiration to his fans to follow a healthier path.

Despite working hard and devoting himself tirelessly to his health – especially considering he claims to have lost around 100 pounds throughout his life – Carey has never resorted to shortcuts to weight loss such as taking Ozempic, surgery, smoking, etc., which keeps him even more inspired! Learn more about Drew Carey and his remarkable transformation.

Who is Drew Carey?

Drew Carey is an American actor, comedian and popular television personality who is best known for hosting the CBS game show “The price is correct“ – a game show in which participants had to win by accurately estimating the prices of goods.

Carey formerly served in the U.S. Marine Corps and began his career in entertainment by gaining popularity through stand-up comedy. He had also previously worked as a host at the Cleveland Comedy Club.

This recognition enabled Carey to air his own sitcom.The Drew Carey Show” and the American version of the popular improvisational comedy show “Whose line is it anyway?” on ABC.

His work in the comedy genre received great recognition and he wrote his own stand-up comedy special “Drew Carey: Human Cartoon“, which even won a CableACE Award for Best Screenplay.

Drew Carey Profile:

Profession: Comedian, actor and television presenter

Age: 66

Birth date: 23 May 1958

Place of birth: Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, Ohio

Why did Drew Carey lose weight?

Drew Carey has confessed to several media outlets that he had long been fed up with being fat. He suffered from type 2 diabetes, which was aggravated by poor eating habits and a poor lifestyle. In addition, he knew he had to change his entire lifestyle, as he had already lost his father and brother to heart attacks caused by weight-related issues.

In the first year of the “the price is hot“, he often ordered unhealthy items from the show’s cafeteria such as grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, beef stroganoff, fries, etc.

Carey would head to the Swingers Diner right after work and order a plate of pasta, iced tea or some other form of caffeine, cupcake, and a couple of lemons—it had almost become his post-game ritual. Then, before bed, he would grab a bag of Doritos with ranch, Oreos, or a couple of Pepsis and take an Ambien to help him sleep.

This lifestyle had caused him great problems. Soft drinks such as cola are linked to weight gain and health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes because they contain large amounts of added sugar (1).

In addition, junk foods such as pasta, cupcakes and sweetened beverages are closely linked to health problems such as heart disease, obesity, tooth decay, cardiometabolic problems and high blood pressure (2).

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Witnessing this, Carey’s doctor warned him back in 2010 to rethink his eating habits and other lifestyle choices. He said his life was getting shorter and bad things would happen to him if he continued like this. This encouraged him to take his health seriously, pursue a balanced lifestyle and begin his transformative journey.

After making some much-needed changes to his diet and adopting a healthier lifestyle, Carey managed to lose 80 pounds of his body weight. Through his hard work and dedication to fitness, he overcame his diabetes problem to the point that he was able to stop taking those pills and had optimal levels for everything on his blood tests.


Drew Carey’s strict diet:

When he began his weight loss journey, Drew decided to eliminate carbs from his diet as much as possible. He completely eliminated major carb sources like bread and crackers. This meant he also had to give up common junk foods like pizza.

While most celebrities end up avoiding grains and refined carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, Carey went much further and avoided all types of starch – even corn and beans, which also have some health-promoting properties.

Studies have proven the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss. However, a drastic reduction in carbohydrates, even for a long period of time, can have numerous side effects such as dehydration, mineral loss, stomach upset, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, increased hunger, etc. (3). In addition, by cutting out healthy starchy foods like beans, Carey was depriving his body of their benefits such as protein, folate, fiber, vitamins and minerals (4).

Drew Carey Weight Loss:

While it is good to reduce your intake of unhealthy carbohydrates and give more priority to proteins, fats and fiber, it is also important to realize that carbohydrates are not the ultimate enemy and drastic dietary restrictions can have negative health effects.

One good move Carey made for his diet was to snack less and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables as healthier snack alternatives. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, electrolytes and carotenoids, which boost health and well-being in a variety of ways (5).

In addition, Carey has incorporated superfoods such as egg whites and Greek yogurt into his diet, which are excellent sources of protein, calcium and micronutrients and provide numerous health benefits (6), (7).

Most days, he eats only grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, and water for dinner. In addition, Drew Carey drinks only water and says “no” to tea, coffee, soda, and similar common beverages.

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Drew Carey’s workout routine:

Unlike many celebrities who place more emphasis on dieting than exercise, Drew Carey believes that physical activity is “equally important” for weight loss and improving health.

In his own fitness program, Carey focuses most on cardio and soon incorporates 40 minutes of cardio training into his routine at least six times a week.

Carey loves running and started using the treadmill for 40 minutes when he first started losing weight. He also likes to use the elliptical to improve his cardio workout. At some point in August 2010, he participated in a 10K race where his running practice came in handy.

Photos of Drew Carey before and after weight loss:


Drew Carey before and after weight loss

(Image source: Getty Images)


Drew Carey before and after weight loss

(Image source: Getty Images)

If we look at Drew Carey’s weight loss journey, we can see the importance of reducing the intake of excess carbohydrates in our diet and giving priority to fruits, vegetables, yogurt, protein and whole foods. Those who cannot go so extreme on carbohydrates can start their journey by avoiding fast food and packaged snacks, which were also the initial culprits in Carey’s life.

In addition, from Carey’s workout plan, one can also learn the importance of cardiovascular exercise, which he gave high priority to while losing weight. Drew Carey’s physical transformation proves that to age gracefully, without crippling health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, one must rethink and gradually improve one’s diet and physical activity.


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