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Shannen Doherty discloses cancer impact on her sexual desire – Monomaxos

Shannen Doherty discloses cancer impact on her sexual desire – Monomaxos

Shannen Doherty explains how cancer reduced her libido.  Sex doesn't feel so good
Shannen Doherty. Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Shannen Doherty Cancer’s journey causes fluctuations in libido and desire for intimacy.

“When you’re not feeling your best, your sexual desire can take a hit,” shared Doherty, aged 52, in the recent Sunday episode on her show. To ensure clarity,” Podcast. “The impact of [cancer] on your libido can be profound when medications dampen your desire or make sexual activities less pleasurable.”

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star elucidated how cancer can modify one’s sex drive, leading her to consult gynecologist Sherry Ross alongside her longtime partner and model, Anne Marie Kortright.

“She accompanied me as I expressed the urgent need for change,” shared Doherty. “Things weren’t working out, and that was not the life I wished to lead,” recalled Doherty, mentioning her former spouse. Kurt Iswarienko“to live in such a way.” (Doherty and Iswarienko went their separate ways in April 2023 after being married for 11 years.)

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During the consultation with her physician, Doherty was recommended a sexual aid to boost her libido. “I kept it in my bag for quite a while,” confessed Doherty. “Talking about it now is making me blush.”

The actress highlighted how women’s libido typically wanes at a certain point, which can be exacerbated by cancer or other illnesses. Doherty was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015, achieved remission two years later, and discovered her breast cancer had advanced to stage IV in 2020, spreading to her bones by fall 2023.

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“Menopause, perimenopause, aging — these factors not only impact your physical appearance and skin,” conveyed Doherty. “They significantly influence how your body responds and reacts, and when you combine that with cancer medications, chemotherapy, it robs you of everything.”

She confessed: “It erodes your self-assurance. It diminishes your sense of self.”

Reflecting on the initial stages of her cancer ordeal, Doherty disclosed feeling disconnected from herself, contributing to her lack of sexual enjoyment.

Shannen Doherty talks about how cancer diminished her sexual desire. Intimacy isn't as pleasurable

Shannen Doherty. Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

“I’ve felt like a young boy in the past few years, let’s say four years. I felt my appearance resembled that of a boy,” she reflected. “I now realize there were other factors influencing this. Ultimately, it didn’t benefit my relationship. It troubled me.”

That sentiment has now diminished, and recently, Doherty hinted that her pals are attempting to reintroduce her to the dating scene.

Kelly [Ripa] is amazing because when I was on her show, she asked me during the break, ‘Are you ready? Ready for a date? Ready for a boyfriend?'” Doherty revealed on the February 5 edition of her podcast.

The 90210 veteran was entirely supportive of the notion, expressing, “I was like, ‘Just shoot me a message, and you can set it up.’ ‘You’re absolutely the right person to kickstart this with me.’ I’m content with that.”



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