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Sheryl Underwood Jokes She’s a ‘Baby Kardashian’ After Weight Loss – monomaxos

Sheryl Underwood.
JC Olivera/Getty Images

Sheryl Underwood lost 100 pounds, and her body has changed so much that she joked she could be a member of the most famous reality TV family.

“I’m about three different sizes because I still got a booty. But here’s the bad part — you know how those girls have the hourglass? I’m almost to the hourglass,” The Talk co-host, 60, told The Messenger in an interview published on Wednesday, December 13. “I’m almost a baby Kardashian. Let me say that. I’m almost a baby Kardashian.”

Underwood said that after her dramatic transformation, finding clothes and shoes that fit is a challenge.

“My booty is still a 10/12. Above my waist, I’m like 6/8,” she continued. “The sad part [is that] all the clothes that you love, you can’t wear. Like one time, my shoe fell off because my foot was little. I was trying to walk out, and my shoe fell off.”

Celebrity Weight Loss and Transformations

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Shocking, indeed! Some celebs seek out extreme methods to shed pounds, while others transform with the aid of healthier methods. From Rosie O’Donnell’s and Jordin Sparks’ respective 50 pound weight losses to Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson’s whopping 155 lighter frame, see before and after pictures of celebrities’ weight loss transformations.

The comedian admitted that she achieved her new look using the weight loss drug Wegovy as well as exercising and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Underwood said she needed to be honest about how she lost weight, and she criticized celebrities who fail to reveal they used drugs to drop pounds.

“I think I did my job because a lot of people were not being truthful about it,” she said, adding that some stars want the public to believe that they naturally changed their appearance by going to the gym and not eating carbs.

Sheryl Underwood Jokes About Her 100 Pound Weight Loss

Sheryl Underwood, 2019.
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

“I just kept seeing all these people that — one week you look this way, and the next week you look this way — so I felt I had to [be open about using Wegovy].”

Underwood once weighed 250 pounds and suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. Now she’s healthy, dedicated to firming her new figure and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

“I want to tone up and shape this body,” the Emmy winner said. “So I want people to go on this journey with me.”

When Underwood turned 59 last year, she revealed she had lost 95 pounds. She celebrated by wearing a dress and heels on The Talk for the first time. Since then, Underwood has dropped an additional 5 pounds.

“If I’ve worked hard on my body, I want to walk into church and all them saints fanning like, ‘Oh, she look good,’” she told People in October 2022.

“I want to walk into my office, ‘Oh, my gosh, she look good.’ I want to walk into the club or the restaurant and everybody’s head turn and that’s what I want,” Underwood added. “That’s how I feel, because when you look good, you feel good.”
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