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18-Year-Old Girl & Her Parents Found Dead In Multi-Million Dollar Massachusetts Mansion – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



A family of three has been found dead in their $5 million mansion.

On Thursday night around 7:30 p.m., first responders arrived at the Kamal family’s $5.45 million home in Dover, Massachusetts after they received a call from family members. Apparently it had been several days since anyone had seen or heard from Rakesh, 57, Teena, 54, and their daughter Ariana Kamal, 18. After the family member went to check on them, they made the gruesome discovery, according to district attorney Michael Morrissey.

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The DA referred to the incident as a “terrible tragedy” while recalling how safe the neighborhood was — and how the Kamal family never had any trouble:

“There’s been no police reports, there’s been no problems, no domestic issues, no nothing at that house or in the entire neighborhood that I’m aware of. This is very unfortunate and our heart goes out to the entire Kamal family on this terrible tragedy … I hate to see it at any time. I think some of the tensions that people feel in relationships often come out around the holidays.”

Morrisey went on to say that even though law enforcement aren’t sure what happened just yet, signs are pointing toward “domestic violence” after a gun was discovered near Rakesh’s body:

“Although the investigation is at a very preliminary stage, the evidence available at this time does not indicate the involvement of any outside party, but suggests that this is a deadly incident of domestic violence. It is not believed that there is any ongoing danger to the Dover community related to this incident.”

So, so sad. Watch the full statement (below):

No more information was released at the time, leaving motives and suspects completely out of the equation for now, but it’s worth noting the family had been in some financial trouble recently. Their 19,000-square-foot home, featuring 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, was purchased for around $4 million by the family in 2019, but foreclosed last year according to legal docs obtained by The Post. After the foreclosure, Wilsondale Associates LLC bought the home for $3 million.

Rakesh — who also went by the nickname Rick — and Teena had their own education systems business called EduNova which was launched in 2016, but unfortunately became defunct in 2021. The matriarch also filed for bankruptcy in 2022 around the time of their foreclosure, listing between $1 million and $10 million in liabilities. The case would never make it to court, though, and was dismissed due to missing documentation.

As for Ariana, the teen attended a prestigious, private liberal arts school in Vermont called Middlebury College. Her nearly $65,000/year tuition paid for her studies in neuroscience, according to LinkedIn.

Our hearts go out to the Kamal family and their loved ones as they navigate this unthinkable tragedy.


[Image via WMUR-TV/YouTube]



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