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AMC Theaters Issue “Energy” Guidance, Hat Rules for Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ – Monomaxos

Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé appears to have it all: Two star-studded red carpets in advance of its December 1 release, glowing reviews, and the top slot in this weekend’s box office rankings. But one aspect of the film’s launch has left fans scratching their heads: AMC Theaters, the movie’s distribution partner, has issued special guidance for filmgoers reminiscent of an overbearing Airbnb host or a scolding field trip chaperone.

Headlined “What to Know Before the Show,” AMC’s special rules for Renaissance guests include vaguely worded expectations such as “Get COZY before it gets crazy. Save your energy for once you are inside the RENAISSANCE showing room. We want to make sure other AMC guests enjoy their movie-going experience as much as you do.”

Other rules for the movie seem to suggest that the theater chain wants attendees to have fun, but is worried that too much revelry might spoil the experience for others. “You know the words, you know the choreography — sing & dance your heart out, but please respect each other’s space along with the theatre equipment,” AMC warns. “Do not dance on seats or block other guests from viewing, safely walking or exiting the auditorium.”

“If parts of your outfit will potentially block other viewers from the screen, please remove them as the film begins (ex. headwear, wings, etc),” another rule reads. “And please keep in mind that masks (except for standard face masks used explicitly for health and safety reasons) are not permitted.”

Another directive suggests that Beyoncé fans might not have seen a movie before, or attended any other sort of theatrical event. “The runtime for this film is 2 hours and 48 minutes, plus approximately 15-20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the film starts,” the theater chain warns. “So please plan your bathroom breaks or other needs accordingly. You won’t want to miss a single second!” One wonders if ticket-holders for Martin Scorsese epic Killers of the Flower Moon, which runs 3 hours and 26 minutes before ads and trailers, were sent similar instructions.

Those made aware of the rulebook also wondered if attendees of Taylor Swift’s concert film—which also has a deal with AMC—received a similar list of concert film-going rules, Deadline reports. “Did they put the same warnings out before the Swift concert film?” the publication quotes one social media user as saying.

And speaking of social media, it’s worth noting that AMC’s first rule of Renaissance appears to involve the proper use of hashtags—and cell phones. “We want to see your amazing outfits! Feel free to take selfies and group shots to celebrate the occasion and the beautiful ensembles you came up with, but please DO NOT take pictures or record while the film is playing,” the rules (which are available in full online) read. “Be sure to post your photos on social media with #RENAISSANCETHEFILM.”
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