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Animal: Triptii Dimri reveals her parents were taken aback after watching her intimate scenes – Monomaxos

Triptii Dimri’s parents were surprised and taken aback by her intimate scenes in the movie Animal. The actress gained popularity for her performance alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the film. Triptii, who is being hailed as the national crush, shared in an interview that it took her parents some time to process the bold scenes they witnessed in the movie.

Triptii Dimri Animal Ranbir Kapoor

During an interview with a leading entertainment portal, Triptii mentioned that her parents were slightly shocked by the scene she performed in the film. They admitted to never having seen something like that in movies before and it took them some time to process it. However, they were understanding and supportive, assuring her that while they may not have agreed with her decision, they still loved her as parents would.

According to her, as long as she feels comfortable and secure, there is no issue with her job. Being an actor, she believes in being completely truthful to the character she portrays, which she claims to have done.

Triptii Dimri Animal Ranbir Kapoor

Triptii’s fame has skyrocketed ever since Animal was released. The actress has experienced a significant surge in her fanbase following the movie’s release.

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