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Britney Spears says she can't talk about her problems because they're 'too offensive to share' – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Britney Spears I recently vacationed on a beach – but it wasn't everything it was cracked up to be?!

On Wednesday, the Poisonous She was taken with the singer Instagram Account to post the comings and goings of their tropical vacation. It's unclear where she went, but judging by the content of her IG essay, it sounded beautiful. There was one problem, however: She noted very cryptically that there still seemed to be some big problems lurking beneath the surface in her life. Pooh!

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Brit's beach essay began with a look back at her trip. She jumped all over the place – talked about going to the gym, looking small in the mirror, riding a bike with a friend and (almost) losing her phone:

“Summary of my trip: Going to the gym is never what it seems!!! I say I will work hard…but I always go for 20 minutes, do 100 sit-ups and then go again!!! This time I chewed gum and was shocked at how briefly I looked in the mirror!!! Honestly, it seemed like a great idea to ride a bike with my friend… but I went too far and got lost!!! When I found my way back I went to play tennis!!! I thought I lost my phone but it was under a ladder!!!”

Uhhh… Then she introduced some excursion activities. This included “being naked in the water,” swimming near some fish, and seeing some crabs walking along the beach:

“I know a lot of people make fun of me for using a ring light… but I love using it, so I bought three new swimsuits for this trip!!! Only one thing really matters to me!!! My favorite part of my trip is being naked in the water!!! I saw two crabs walking with shells on their backs!!! My friend took one and I screamed!!! The only fish I saw were extremely small…white clear baby fish swimming in the shallow end with them!!! The boat was exciting except that I wanted to drive it!!! They used to let me ride it… I’m not sure why they didn’t this time!!!”

Well, that's fun! However, things took a turn from there. Britney – who currently goes by the IG display name Xila Maria River Red on Instagram – referred to her new name suffix “Xila” and said:

“Since I changed my name to XILA, I actually find it difficult to understand English. The dress I wore in my pictures is the only dress that actually fits me!!! When I go out in the evening, I like to eat dinner alone!!! I'm so weird…but I still adore people, that's why I'm telling you about this hairspray I spray!!! Every hairdresser I've ever had knows I won't shut up about Oribe hairspray…but seriously, buy it and tell me what the hell you think!!! It is so good!!!”


And after adding a thumbs-up emoji to her message, she continued:

“I know thumbs up isn’t the cool thing… damn, I actually need to stop doing that!!! The coolest thing I posted was when I really messed up and screwed up a screenshot and accidentally covered it in red!!! My neck is written extremely small in Hebrew…Mem Hei Shin…it means the power to heal!!! It comes from the 72 names of God in Kabbalah that I studied a long time ago!!! I should probably start studying it again…people would probably be shit if they knew how many hours I spent on these books!!! It’s the smallest book ever written!!!”

However, the end of the essay is the crucial point. In her final slide, Britney said, “Nothing is as it seems” and explained that her “fights…are too offensive to share” lest they make other people “extremely sad.” Read this passage (below):

“Many other things happened on this trip that I won't tell you either… nothing is what it seems sometimes!!! I claim everything is completely perfect, but believe me, I've been through it too and I would share those struggles but they are too offensive to share…it would make other people extremely sad and honestly, I can “Don’t do anything about it at all So it’s just knowing that my life isn’t as perfect as it seems… and remember my wonderful friends, you are not alone!!!”

Wow!! Apparently we feel like we know one much of Britney's struggles after years of reporting on the end of her conservatorship, as well as all the stories that came to light in her bombshell memoir The woman in me. So, there you have it new Fights no one has ever heard of before?! So disturbing and worrisome!! By the way, you can see their full beach breakdown (below):

And very late on Wednesday evening Honey, again The singer popped up on IG again to share a carousel of pictures and videos apparently taken during her trip:

The beach looks absolutely beautiful, that’s for sure! We just hope Britney has care and support around her as she deals with these so-called “struggles.” Sending love and light!!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram/WENN/Avalon]
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