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Comedian Daniel Tosh Offers Up A REALLY Surprising Take On Cancel Culture! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Comedian Daniel Tosh has a few thoughts on cancel culture!

Yes, the man behind the infamous and long-running (and always shocking!!) show Tosh.0 has decided to weigh in on public cancellations. And it turns out he’s… in favor of them?!

Wait, really??

Tosh has a new podcast called Tosh Show, and he’s been using it to interview all kinds of interesting people. Well, in a recent episode of that interview series, Tosh had wellness expert Rosie Acosta on as a guest. During their chat, the duo began talking about comedy and cancel culture — and the TV veteran dropped the bomb!

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Acosta smartly asked what Tosh thinks about cancel culture. Obviously, that’s a big issue for comedians. They make a big deal about being able to tell jokes as they please up on stage and not face backlash for offensive quips and edgy humor! But instead of lambasting cancellations, Tosh BACKED the practice! Surprising!!

He explained:

“I think it [cancel culture] is great. Cancel people. I think people deserve it and you know, obviously, it’s not a real thing where, like, ‘Oh, your livelihood is gone.’”

Acknowledging his own past with saying sordid s**t, like making rape jokes, Tosh added:

“As someone who’s done things and said horrible things constantly, I’ve had backlash and I deserve it.”


To her credit, Acosta tried to play the other side of the fence. First, she said that instead of cancellation, allowing people to “evolve” on their positions and walk back offensive statements can be more beneficial. Sadly, she acknowledged, the social media masses instead usually seem more interested in dogpiling:

“[People are more interested in] lashing out and ridiculing, as opposed to giving people the opportunity to change and atone, so-to-speak.”

But Tosh wasn’t feeling it! Instead of just “evolving” on positions, he called for consequences:

“There has to be consequences and I also don’t think there’s a problem with evolving. And like, ‘oh, I used to be able to say this and now I can’t.’ Okay, well fine, good. I’m OK with that.”

To wrap things up, Tosh jokingly claimed that he is thankful no ex-girlfriend ever decided to write a tell-all article about him. Which, yeah, we guess that is a good thing. Must mean he hasn’t done anything inappropriate or shady in his personal life! We hope…

Anyways, are U surprised to hear Tosh’s take on cancel culture, Perezcious readers? He was the undisputed KING of saying (and doing) crazy and offensive s**t when he was starring on Tosh.0. But now it seems like he’s matured — or evolved, to use a word that popped up often in this podcast — on many issues! Thoughts??

[Image via Comedy Central/YouTube/Tosh Show/YouTube]
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