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Conspiracy Theorists Actually Apologize After Princess Catherine's Cancer Revelation! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Conspiracy Theorists Actually Apologize After Princess Catherine's Cancer Revelation!  -Perez Hilton

 – Monomaxos

Well, the truth is out there now! Princess Catherine In an emotional video, she revealed that she was undergoing chemotherapy. It turns out that after her successful abdominal surgery, cancer was found in her tissues. She has been dealing with this for the last few weeks.

Kate even explained the whole secrecy! you and Prince William “We did everything we could to process and manage this privately for the benefit of our young family” – because it took a long time “to explain everything.” George, CharlotteAnd Louis in a way that is appropriate for them.” Sounds pretty reasonable actually.

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Plus, we heard it directly from the princess! Watch (below):

How did everyone react to the news? Finally, some people have exaggerated their speculations after Kate wasn't seen in public for a long time. Well, and the palace released this ridiculously photoshopped picture, seemingly to prove to everyone that she was alive and well.

Yet conspiracy theories are getting out of control SO FAST! Everything from coma worries to plastic surgery speculation to divorce rumors… The question now is: are all the people who were so sure of their theories ready to apologize? Well, actually there are some of them! See:

“Princess Kate Middleton has cancer…. Okay, now I feel bad for believing all these conspiracy theories.”

“I’m not going to go to hell for being gay, but I’m going to go to hell now because I said Kate Middleton was bullshit…….”

“Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has cancer and we said she was secretly the unknown at Glasgow's Willy Wonka experience”

“We all enjoyed the Kate Middleton conspiracies, but when it emerged she had cancer we blamed William for an affair even though he was looking after his family. Anyway, get well soon, Kate, and we’re all going to hell.”

“I'm deleting my tweets and likes about Kate Middleton as soon as possible”

But others stuck to the conclusion that the company was primarily to blame! They write:

“It is very disturbing to hear of Kate’s cancer diagnosis and I am glad she is receiving treatment. But why did the royal's PR team alienate her for weeks? It was a completely avoidable communication chaos.”

“Why did Kensington Palace release the doctored photo and then slag Kate Middleton for it when they probably knew all along that she had cancer???”

“Kate Middleton just announced she has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, which makes it even stranger that the palace is blaming her for the photo editing. Hopefully she gets better and hopefully her PR learns from it.”

“Kate having cancer makes perfect sense. Hope she recovers. It's also crazy that the palace's PR let things get so out of control. I thought they ran a tight business over there.”

“So why did they smear Kate Middleton for her 'Photoshop hobby' and cause an international incident? I fear that the beheading of some press teams is appropriate.”

What do YOU ​​think, Perezcious readers? Was the palace's fumbled PR to blame? Is the internet crazy? BOTH??

[Image via The Prince and Princess of Wales/YouTube.]



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