Home Entertainment Extravaganza Puff Daddy accused of sexual misconduct and abuse against music creator asserting existence of recordings showing ‘severe illicit conduct’ – Perez Hilton – by Monomaxos

Puff Daddy accused of sexual misconduct and abuse against music creator asserting existence of recordings showing ‘severe illicit conduct’ – Perez Hilton – by Monomaxos

Puff Daddy accused of sexual misconduct and abuse against music creator asserting existence of recordings showing ‘severe illicit conduct’ – Perez Hilton – by Monomaxos

[Caution: Potentially Disturbing Content]

Sean “Diddy” Combs is facing fresh legal action!

A producer from the musician’s recent album, The Love Album: Off the Grid, accused him on Monday of sexual misconduct, physical assault, drug use, and intimidation. Notably, he asserts that he possesses hours of video and audio materials depicting Sean and his associates engaging in “severe illicit activities.” Oh my!

In the latest legal claim from NBC News, the music creator known as Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones alleged that he resided and traveled with Puff from September 2022 to November 2023. This was while he was producing multiple tracks for the aforementioned album “pursuant to an implied working arrangement.” Allegedly, he did not receive any compensation for the songs he developed, despite Combs, Love Records, Motown Records, and Universal Music Group allegedly benefiting unfairly from his work. As stated in the lawsuit, his life was negatively impacted due to his time spent with the 54-year-old.

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During this period, Sean purportedly compelled him to seek out adult entertainers and urged him to participate in non-consensual intimate activities with them to appease Combs. To aid in the alleged solicitation of adult entertainers, the artist associated with Return Home provided Jones with “an exclusive Bad Boy baseball cap” that he had to sport in a Miami bar, for instance, “as a signal to every adult entertainer he approached” that Diddy was present in the area.

He additionally claimed that the celebrity offered alcoholic beverages laced with drugs to individuals attending gatherings at his residences. The lawsuit contains purported screenshots of events at the homes featuring underage girls and adult entertainers, some of whom were allegedly provided with drugged beverages at Combs’ direction.

Jones also alleged that his employer subjected him to sexual harassment and abuse during his stays at his residences in Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and on a yacht rented by the musician in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This purported behavior included “persistent, unsolicited, and unauthorized groping and touching of his buttocks.” Additionally, he was allegedly required to work in Diddy’s restroom – while showering unclothed behind a transparent partition!

Pressed for details, Rodney maintained that Puff was “energetic and assertive” – someone who did not accept dissent. He purportedly “frequently emphasized his dominance in the music industry and law enforcement” and purportedly threatened physical harm if his orders were not followed. Unbelievable.

When the creator raised concerns regarding the mistreatment to the rapper’s chief of staff, Kristina Khorram, she dismissed the behavior as “friendly banter” and explained that these actions were Mr. Combs’ manner of “expressing his fondness.” The lawsuit accuses Khorram of facilitating and supporting Jones’ sexual mistreatment by Combs and collaborating with the musician to compel him to accept a homosexual relationship.”

Furthermore, there was a distressing incident on February 2, 2023. In court records, Lil Rod accused Sean of drugging him and claimed that he regained consciousness undressed, disoriented, and disoriented in bed with Diddy and two adult entertainers. Goodness…

In another troubling event, Rodney contended that Sean compelled him to witness his display of firearms and boasted about evading legal repercussions for shooting individuals. In an additional incident, he asserted responsibility for a shooting incident involving a rapper at a nightclub in 1999, Shyne. Diddy was acquitted of charges linked to the case, but his associate was given a ten-year prison sentence.

Surprisingly, Jones allegedly documented these behaviors in video and audio recordings, as Combs urged the producer to “continuously document him,” and Jones even used his phone to record himself. If these claims are substantiated, this could be extremely detrimental to Diddy.

Nevertheless, Diddy is not the only individual implicated! Several others close to the celebrity were also mentioned in the lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Sean’s 30-year-old son, Justin Combs, his chief of staff, Kristina Khorram, CEO of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, and former CEO of Motown Records, Ethiopia Habtemariam, were all identified as defendants. Jones argues that Grainge, Habtemariam, Motown Records, Love Records, and Universal Music Group collaborated with Combs in a “RICO enterprise” – a group violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – and failed to appropriately respond by supervising or warning about the actions of Combs, his son, and his chief of staff. He is seeking $30 million. Astounding!!

While representatives for several defendants could not be reached, a lawyer representing P. Diddy, Shawn Holley, retaliated against the claims. The lawyer asserted that Jones’ “unsubstantiated recounting of events that are purely fictitious and did not occur is merely an obvious attempt to garner attention.” The lawyer continued:

“We have overwhelming, undeniable proof that his allegations are complete fabrications. Our efforts to present this evidence to Mr. Jones’ attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, were ignored as Mr. Blackburn declined to respond to our calls. We will address these outrageous allegations in court and take all necessary measures against those making them.”

This lawsuit is just one of several legal actions against the musician, although he had previously refuted all accusations against him.

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