Home Entertainment Extravaganza Duo befriended an older man on a dating app before allegedly drugging and killing him for his money – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Duo befriended an older man on a dating app before allegedly drugging and killing him for his money – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Duo befriended an older man on a dating app before allegedly drugging and killing him for his money – Perez Hilton

 – Monomaxos

Two suspects are in custody for the alleged kidnapping and murder of a pensioner University of Washington Professor. That would be terrible enough. But the way they got to know him and gain his trust? It's devilish…

Over the weekend, the Mercer Island Police Department in Washington state announced that the man was a 47-year-old man Christina Hardy and 32 years old Philip Brewer (pictured in the mugshots above) was taken into custody. The pair were arrested late last week in the small town of Blythe, California, on the Arizona border, very close to the Mexican border. They are now awaiting extradition to Washington to face charges in a case that has been ongoing for two months.

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This sad story began on January 13, when the 74-year-old professor retired Curtis England I signed up for the gay dating app scrap metal. There he met Brewer and Hardy. The trio met that day at a cafe in the town of Renton and then spent the evening together at Engeland's house. Later that night, England called the police and reported that his cell phone, wallet and keys had been stolen. Investigators later tracked Brewer from ATM to ATM when they discovered he appeared to have used England's bank card to make financial transfers.

Then, more than a month later, the story continued. On the morning of February 24th, England was reported missing by family members. His family and friends told police that they suddenly received suspicious text messages from the retired professor's cell phone, claiming he was away for a while due to a “personal matter.” Per KIRO news, the texts were unusually full of poor grammar and spelling mistakes – mistakes that the professor would not have made. And when relatives tried to call England back directly, they couldn't reach him. Mercer Island PD and the Washington State Patrol then issued an Silver alert for the missing pensioner (picture above, bottom middle).

Hours later, that same afternoon, police received a 911 call from England's neighborhood. Two of his sisters were at his house and had found Brewer, Hardy and Hardy's son all in the driveway. When police showed up, the three told officers that Engeland had agreed to rent the basement of his home to them. The man's sisters told police they did it not The trio wants to be there and the suspects quickly disappear. Since the missing person report had been filed only hours earlier – and there was no evidence that a crime had been committed in England – the police had no reason to arrest her. Cell phone data later retrieved by detectives indicated that Brewer and Hardy immediately drove south from there to Oregon. When they arrived in the city of Salem, they sold both their own cell phones and the professor's.

On March 7 – weeks after England was last definitively heard from – the retired septuagenarian's body was found outside the small town of Cosmopolis in Grays Harbor County, Washington. That's more than 100 miles from where he was last seen. Medical examiners determined that Engeland died from a stab wound to the neck. But by then Brewer and Hardy were already in the wind.

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Then, last Thursday, there was an unexpected break in the case: A California Highway Patrol officer stopped a man for speeding outside the tiny desert town of Blythe. The man said he was speeding because he was running from Brewer and Hardy. When the CHP officer asked why, the man claimed the two told him they had previously injected England with fentanyl, placed his body in the trunk of their car, drove to Cosmopolis, and then stabbed him and dumped his body. The CHP responded to the driver's claim and Brewer and Hardy were quickly located and arrested in Blythe. Now they have been charged with kidnapping and murder while awaiting extradition.

Per KIRO newsCourt documents from prosecutors say the couple was motivated by access to England's money and house:

“[Brewer and Hardy] appears to have hatched a plan to kill the victim and then move into his home, while also taking over his financial accounts and making extravagant purchases just hours after his murder.”

The court documents also state that Brewer and Hardy apparently used England's phone to send fake conversations back and forth between the deceased victim and their own phones to throw police off the trail.

Laurie Goeken was a friend and neighbor of England for more than ten years. she said KIRO news:

“He was a friend of ours, a neighbor and just an all-around wonderful person. Just a very, very special person. An avid gardener and hiker. The fact that he was missing was highly, highly unusual. He had cats that he loved. And we would take care of his cats when he was gone. He would take care of ours. He would never leave her unattended.”

Goeken added:

“It was a terrible, terrible blow [to learn of his murder], and reality set in. Just the fact that this can happen. It happens here and it happens everywhere.”

So terrible. We extend our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of England.


[Image via Blythe Police Department/Mercer Island Police Department]



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