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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Take Us Behind the Scenes of ‘Anyone but You’ – Monomaxos

“I grew up loving rom-coms,” Sweeney, who is best known for her roles on TV’s Euphoria and The White Lotus, tells VF. “There’s just such a beautiful nostalgia to them, and I miss leaving a theater filled with happiness and joy and love and wanting to go back and see it again. I really hope that everyone can feel the amount of love and excitement and how special this experience was onscreen.”

Both Sweeney and Powell wanted to harken back to “the theatrical rom-com, something with big scope and big heart and big laughs,” he says. “Not a lot of people think that thing is meant for theaters anymore, and we set out to prove them wrong. And I think we did it.”

During production in Sydney, Australia, cast and crew screened 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding, which featured performances by two more Anyone but You stars: Dermot Mulroney and Rachel Griffiths, who play Bea’s parents. Mulroney imparted some valuable wisdom to his castmates: “Don’t look down on the rom-com,” he said, according to Powell. When he made the movie, Mulroney continued, “I felt a little weird about it as a man being in a rom-com.” He advised his costars not to follow his lead: “Really embrace this movie, because to represent love for people on the big screen is one of the greatest privileges of your career.” Mulroney hadn’t seen the film since 1997, says Powell, “so it was an interesting, emotional time capsule to be with him.”

Their characters pay tribute to another genre classic—1989’s When Harry Met Sally—during a witty exchange on an airplane. In that film’s famous diner scene, director Rob Reiner’s mother, Estelle, coyly delivers a now classic line: “I’ll have what she’s having.” Anyone but You’s version involves Powell’s actual parents—Glen Sr. and Cyndy—who also appear in the film, sitting nearby as Sweeney’s character inadvertently straddles a snoozing Powell. “All the moves that she’s doing right to my face are done right in front of my parents on that airplane,” Powell says with a laugh. “My parents make a cameo in every movie I do. But Sydney was really very instrumental in giving them that placement—she got them VIP access, as she does with everybody.”
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