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Harmony Montgomery's Father Killed Her & Planned To Dispose Of Body Using A Blender, Wife Testifies – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The Harmony Montgomery murder trial entered its third day on Friday, and the case took an awful, gut-wrenching turn.

As we’ve been reporting, Adam Montgomery — who is serving a 30-year prison sentence on an unrelated weapons charge — is accused of killing his 5-year-old daughter. Witnesses have alleged they saw him beating her on December 7, 2019 in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire — the last anyone ever saw her. Police have never been able to find Harmony’s body. But despite lacking that critical piece of evidence, prosecutors still brought second-degree murder charges in October of 2022. He has since denied that he killed Harmony.

Already this week, the case has taken one shocking turn. Ahead of the beginning of this trial, Adam abruptly agreed to plead guilty to multiple lesser charges, including abuse of a corpse. Then, when he made a pre-trial appearance in court, he appeared to smile and stick his tongue out at photojournalists who were covering the case.

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Now, a far more unsettling development: Adam’s estranged wife Kayla Montgomery (pictured above, top right) took the stand on Friday and testified under oath that he killed the little girl. Not only that, she says he told her how he was going to dispose of the child. She claims he talked of wanting to cut up her body with a handsaw and put pieces of it in a blender to “get rid of her.”

The 33-year-old woman — who was not Harmony’s biological mother — was distraught and in tears when she took the stand on Friday, per the US Sun. Calling Adam “evil” and saying he had a “crazy eyes” look on that day, Kayla claims he struck the little girl repeatedly in the head and the face until she died. The family had been living out of their Chrysler Sebring at the time, and Kayla testified the car’s backseat is where Harmony was murdered.

After that, Adam allegedly “folded her in half, and squished” her inside a big bag before dumping the bag in a cooler and leaving the cooler in the hallway of Kayla’s mother’s house. Kayla testified:

“I saw him do it. She [Harmony] was in the cooler for a couple of weeks.”

After a few weeks, in early January 2020, the couple moved into a homeless shelter. When they did, Adam allegedly took Harmony’s remains from the cooler and placed the bag in the ceiling of the room where they were staying, according to Kayla. For more than a month, while staying in the shelter, the body then began to decompose as other residents complained about the odor. Kayla testified:

“You could smell a horrible smell, and it was coming from the vent. She was starting to smell, and fluid leaking. … Adam said there was blood in the ceiling and fluid.”

Oh god no…

Kayla says Adam knew he needed to do something at that point, so he pulled her remains out of the ceiling panels and transferred them into a large garbage bag. Then, Kayla testified, he started to consider ways to dispose of the body once and for all:

“He said he was going to try and use a saw. He wanted to use a hand saw or NutriBullet [blender]. He said it would be good to use, it would help get rid of her.”

Kayla then testified she was tasked with helping Adam cut the clothes off his daughter’s decaying corpse — and was horrified at the sight of Harmony’s decomposing body. Meanwhile, Adam had “hot water running in the shower” with the purpose of “just dethawing her” before cutting off the deceased girl’s clothes. The distraught ex recalled:

“I saw her in the bathtub still folded together, the same way that she was left in the bag when [he] got her out of the car. She just looked like she had just barely any skin. She was just layers of skin and bone, and she was all bruised up. … I was scared. I helped him take the clothes off her.”

Holy s**t.

According to prosecutors, Adam took the corpse with him to the couple’s new apartment for a while, and later even hid it at a restaurant where he worked as a cook and dishwasher. WTF?!

Then, early one morning, Adam left the couple’s apartment with the bag containing Harmony’s remains. When he got back after sunrise, the bag was gone. Kayla testified she doesn’t know where he dumped it; police have never been able to find the remains, and Adam has never revealed anything on the matter.

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Montgomery’s trial will continue next week. Per media outlets in New Hampshire as well as nearby Boston news orgs that are covering the case, the proceedings are expected to last several more weeks.

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[Image via Manchester Police Department/NBC 10 Boston/YouTube]
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