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Hockey Star Canned Amid Wild Rumors He Hooked Up With His Teammate’s MOM! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



It’s getting heated in this ice rink! The Chicago Blackhawks have kicked off a member of their team amid messy allegations he hooked up with a teammate’s mom! OMG!

Corey Perry (left inset) was shockingly and suddenly exiled from the hockey team earlier this week in a move that has many scratching their heads. The unexpected shakeup started on Saturday when the team announced Corey would be removed from the lineup for the “foreseeable future.” At the time, his agent simply insisted it was so he could “attend to a personal matter.”

But things changed on Tuesday when general manager Kyle Davidson revealed in a press conference that the 38-year-old was placed on unconditional waivers — meaning they’re working to terminate his contract. This followed an internal investigation that determined he “engaged in conduct that is unacceptable” and violated terms of his contract and the team’s internal policies. Kyle didn’t explain what exactly led to this firing, simply saying the violation was a “workplace matter.” But this hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from working on overdrive to figure out what happened!

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The most wild theory is that Corey allegedly had some kind of sexual relationship with his 18-year-old teammate Connor Bedard‘s mother Melanie! According to a DeuxMoi claim via Instagram, the shocking situation supposedly went down like this:

“I heard that allegedly something did go down between Perry & Mom Bedard on the Blackhawks Moms Trip at the beginning of November & that’s why Perry left the team.”


While the theory can’t be proven, the timeline does add up since the Canadian hasn’t been on the lineup since November 19, supposedly due to an “organizational decision.” This is shortly after the moms’ trip, too, when players’ mothers joined them beginning on November 8 for a two-game road trip to Florida.

FWIW, Corey has been married to Blakeny Perry since 2015, and they share one child together. And it appears Melanie is still married to Connor’s dad Tom. So, these rumors are super problematic for their families, too!

Speaking of, back at the press conference, the GM made sure to shut down the affair rumors. Without naming anyone or addressing the situation directly, he said:

“This does not involve any players or their families and anything that suggests otherwise or anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and, frankly, it’s disgusting.”

He continued:

“This has been a tough situation and I understand you wanted answers. It was important that we took all the necessary steps before sharing more. I hope you understand that I may not be able to answer everything today, but I am going to be as open and honest as I can be given the situation and out of respect for those involved.”

Perry’s contract will be terminated as soon as possible if he clears waivers. So, whatever happened, it must have been BIG if they’re working so fast to get him off their roster! Hear more on the matter (below):

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[Image via Chicago Blackhawks/NHL/YouTube & Connor Bedard/Instagram]



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