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Indiana Politician Flashes Gun At High School Students Protesting Gun Violence! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



An Indiana State Representative is facing serious backlash after he flashed his gun to a group of teens protesting gun violence.

On Tuesday, a video started making rounds on X (Twitter) showing a right-wing politician approach a group of students from Burris Laboratory School in Munice, Indiana who were protesting gun violence in the Indiana Statehouse, according to TheStatehouseFile.com. The teens are a part of an advocacy group called Students Demand Action and were in the Statehouse for an event called Advocacy Day, hoping to get lawmakers to listen to their point of view.

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What they got instead, though, was a horrifying motion from one of their state’s lawmakers. Representative Jim Lucas was asked by one of the teens if he carried a gun, and this guy opens his blazer and flashes his concealed weapon to them! He says in the video:

“I’m carrying right now.”


It is legal in the state of Indiana to conceal carry, but the fact he was showing it off like some type of power move to these KIDS who are rightfully concerned about their safety — what a jerk move. It could even be considered a threat! Plus, they were in a Statehouse full of high school students! Why would he even need to be carrying??

See the disturbing video for yourself (below):


Speaking to the outlet, one of the protesters, 17-year-old Alana Trissel made a wonderful point:

“It was though all of my previous arguments were just invalid because I knew that at any given circumstance, he could end the entire conversation by choosing to end any of our lives. I just knew that that conversation wasn’t really a conversation because there was nothing I could say. I just felt unprotected and unsafe.”

The 17-year-old attendee who filmed the interaction, Makynna Fivecoats, added:

“My heart sank to my stomach. I genuinely felt very unsafe in that moment. And I really just wanted the conversation to kind of end after that.”

So awful. Those poor students.

And, of course, the State Rep sees nothing wrong with his actions! He took to Facebook on Wednesday, to defend himself, according to The Indianapolis Star, writing:

“I fear for, and pity those that are being indoctrinated to fear that which is their best means of self defense. People are also being indoctrinated to depend on government for their ‘safety,’ even when shown that government has clearly ruled that government doesn’t have the duty to protect us.”

Coming from the man who has been arrested in the past year for OWI and fleeing the scene, not to mention how he posted a photo of a noose in response to a Black man being convicted in court in 2019… Yeah. The kids asking for safety in their classrooms are the clear issue here! Ugh.

[Image via WTHR/YouTube]



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