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Influencer Says Her Husband Hooked Up With 16 Other Women This Year – And She’s Cool With It?! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

For some, handcuffs, toys, and naughty lingerie help spice things up in the bedroom… But for one content-creating couple, opening up their relationship to over a dozen others did the job!

Honey Brooks has drawn attention after revealing an X-rated admission on Instagram last week — that she would have never believed if she was told a “12 months ago”:

“I have shared my husband with 16 people so far this year.”

Uhhh, wait… Come again?? We know he did!

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The Australian beauty explained she “can’t get enough” of the threesomes she and her man introduced into their relationship over the past year, claiming she’s actually the one who’s more “obsessed.” She explained:

“My husband’s like, ‘Yeah, cool, like, whatever.’ Like, no this is a good idea. Like, we should go do this […] we should go do her. And he just comes along for the ride, and I absolutely love it.”

She added that she’s “pretty sure” she enjoys “the girls more than he does,” noting that as OnlyFans creators, they film a lot of the content, “watch it back,” and share it, which she feels is “really cool.” However, there are some threesomes that aren’t filmed because they just find themselves in the heat of their “element.”

The blonde bombshell added:

“We’re, like, always on the prowl for the next person.”

Watch her entire video (below):

It’s no surprise that IG users rushed to the comments to make their opinions heard, mainly criticizing the candid confession:

“Yeah yall wont last! Good luck on that!”

“Remember when a wedding and marriage actually meant something?……”

“Time to share the STD’s too

“Tune in next year for her newly divorced videos.”

Yikes! But there were actually some users who could relate to the idea as well:

“Girl same”

“This is what I’m like too

“This is fascinating: a decade ago I would have been quite singleminded [sic] in my opposition to the idea. These days I’d marry a p*rn star. Love & s*x are not the same and it took a ruinous relationship with a narcissist to show me that. What I thought was love was just sex to her, and a means to manipulate me. Good for you, as long as you’re both coming at it from a good place then long may your marriage prosper…”

“My partner is so chill about it also and I’m obsessed”

“Started dabbling in that world and it’s so

To each their own, right?

Could YOU ever open up your relationship like that?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Image via Honey Brooks/Instagram]
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