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Inside Taylor Swift's Girls Night With Brittany Mahomes & Other KC WAGs! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



Taylor Swift lived it up over New Years with her new Kansas City squad!

The Anti-Hero songstress has taken the wives and girlfriends of the Kansas City Chiefs players into open arms as she’s welcomed them into her friend group. She’s been spending a lot of time with Brittany Mahomes since she started dating her hubby Patrick Mahomes bestie Travis Kelce — and since then, she’s added more WAGs in on the fun!

Back during the Miami Dolphins and KC game in Germany, she invited over two other WAGs to join her in NYC for a watch party — Paige Buechele and Lyndsay Bell. And over New Years the girls got together again, it would seem! Co-owner of the Leawood, Kansas restaurant Rye, Megan Garrelts, dished to PageSix on Thursday that she had some uber-famous guests in the private room on December 30.

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According to the restauranteur and her hubby Colby Garrelts, they received a call letting them know someone important would be attending their dine-in eatery ahead of time so they could prep the VIP area. They had no idea until her arrival, though, that it was THE T-Swizzle:

“She was very, very nice. Due to the nature of when we have a high profile guest, we try to keep it pretty on the down-low just out of respect for privacy. Nobody really knew she was there.”

Megan revealed the party of Taylor included several other KC WAGs, one of which was celebrating a birthday, although she didn’t name who. She revealed the group ordered goat cheese and a cheese plate for their appetizers, and most of the ladies got salmon as their appetizer — but the Cruel Summer singer got pasta!

Tay Tay also opted for a French Blonde, which is “from our understanding, [is] her favorite cocktail”. Sweet!

The 34-year-old was pretty content being in the privacy of the VIP area, but soon enough wanted to make an appearance in the main dining room. Opting to use the main bathroom instead of the private room’s, she alerted the rest of the restaurant’s guests with her presence:

“The restaurant just got really quiet and I think people were more so just really shocked that she was there. The restaurant was pretty low key that night.”

Ha! Imagine looking up from your plate and seeing a 12-time Grammy winner!

Later in the night, after their 3-hour dinner, the ladies ordered desserts which included banana cream and lemon meringue pie. They also were offered a box of Trav’s fav cinnamon rolls to take home — one of which the Back To December hitmaker ate before they left:

“It was pretty cool because Travis … he always requests our cinnamon roll, so I would think that he must have said something to her since she was going to Rye. That was pretty fun, so we warmed it up.”

Fun fact! The NFL star also frequents the Rye restaurant, so maybe he was the one that told her to try it? The restaurant owner dished:

“We have some history with serving [the Chiefs] through the years,” Garrelts explains, noting that Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, also frequents their Leawood and Kansas City locations. He comes in pretty often to both. He’s awesome. He’s super nice. He loves saying, ‘Hi,’ to people in the restaurant … He’s been a little bit more private, he sits in the private room, but normally he sits in the main dining room with his friends and handlers. He’s great.”


After the long night of fun was over, Taylor opted to pick up the tab for herself and all her new besties. What an awesome way to end the year!

What do U think about Taylor’s new friend group and their outing, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

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