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Is There An Active Serial Killer In Austin, Texas?!? – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Texans better watch out. People are convinced there’s a serial killer on the loose in Austin! What???

A local true crime group has been freaking out after the tenth body was pulled from Lady Bird Lake, sparking fears there’s someone committing a ton of crimes!

On Monday, the Austin Police Department confirmed they pulled another body from the water during a press conference, but they neglected to provide much information. The person is still unidentified and it’s unclear how long they were in the lake or how they died. Public Information Officer Ariel Crumes did told the media:

“Homicide is actively investigating this as a death investigation.”

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Because of this case, the once-defunct Lady Bird Lake Serial Killer — True Crime Facebook group has been buzzing with concern. Last year, there was tons of activity as many members believed a killer called Rainey Street Ripper was in the area killing young men and dumping them in the lake — and folks are only more convinced now. Someone posted on Tuesday morning:

“I was 100% sure Austin had a serial killer last time they found a body. I’m about 125% sure now.”

Rumors first spread last April after a handful of young men were discovered. The victims include Jason John, 30, who disappeared on February 5, 2023, while he was out celebrating a promotion at work. His body was taken out of the lake a week later and his death was determined to be an accidental drowning. Just weeks later, Johnathan Honey, 33, was also discovered, with Clifton Axtell, 40, following on March 5, 2023, and John Christopher Hays-Clark, 30, on April 15, 2023.

Interestingly, after the conspiracy theory took off, Texas Monthly ran a story debunking the serial killer claims — but the social media users didn’t buy it, arguing the journalist had been paid by the PD to write the article.

Regardless, there have been issues around the body of water for quite some time, including back in 2018 when Martin Guitterre, 25, was found dead at the lake in November after disappearing days before. Last year, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department finally received a funding request to install lights by the trail near the lake. They put up temporary lighting, a camera, and a split rail fence between the trail and shoreline as well as directional and safety signs in hopes of making the place less dangerous — but Honey and Axtell’s bodies were found weeks later.

The Austin Police Department released a statement in April hitting back at the community’s fears by insisting there was no found play suspected in any of the cases. They said:

“Although these cases are still under investigation and evidence is being analyzed, at this time, there is no evidence with any of these cases to support allegations of foul play. […] While each incident has occurred at the lake, the circumstances, exact locations, and demographics surrounding these cases vary.”

Hard to believe none of these cases have evidence of foul play! Why are so many bodies being pulled from this lake?! Super unnerving! Better use caution around that lake either way! Our thoughts and prayers to the families of these many victims. So sad!

Thoughts? What do you think is happening here? Let us know your theories (below).

[Image via Fox 7 Austin/YouTube]
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