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Joey King Hits Back At Jacob Elordi After He Bashed The Kissing Booth! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



Joey King and Jacob Elordi may have been onscreen lovers in The Kissing Booth — but only one of them seemed to enjoy being there! Oof!

ICYMI, the Priscilla star started some major discussion after he told GQ late last month he didn’t like making the Netflix series of films. And no, this wasn’t one of those, “the movie is great, but it was so cold on location” type stories. He went pretty hard against his fans who obviously fell in love with him for the first time IN those movies! He said:

“I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies. Those movies are ridiculous. They’re not universal. They’re an escape.”

Some people enjoy an escape, Jacob! Even though he went on to question how his statements would sound “pretentious” to anyone, there’s no denying his comments were a little uncalled for. We mean, what’s wrong with a lighthearted junk food cinema sometimes? No one ever claimed they’d be winning Oscars! Besides, he was the one that agreed to do the movies — whether he saw them as a part of the Hollywood ladder or not.

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Now his leading lady is speaking out!

When asked about what she thought of his comments at the Balenciaga show in El Lay on Sunday, Joey told Variety:

“I think it’s unfortunate anyone would feel that way. I had a great time making those movies no matter what anyone says.”

Yeah, Jacob! You’re talking about a lot of time spent acting with — and kissing — Joey King! Never thought about her feelings, huh?

While The Kissing Booth and its sequels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they’re definitely SOMEONE’S — they made three of them ffs! No point in tearing anyone down for it, especially when you’re the one who helped make the movies the hits they were!

Whose side are U on, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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