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Josh O'Connor's Spring of Swagger and the Search for Fame – Monomaxos

You're right. Before this project came about, I met with Justin Kuritzkes, The writer. I had just moved to New York and it was just a coffee meeting just to chat and be introduced. This is Justin's first feature film, so the script was sent to me challenger two years ago and we met. I thought, “This movie is great.” It's so beautifully written.” And he said, “What character do you see yourself playing?” I was like, “Obviously art.” Apparently.†Well, I felt the same way as you. But that's the dream. You always want to play things that seem more distant to you. It's the bigger challenge.

How did it feel to watch yourself in this mode?

Nice, I think? I don't know it. [ Laughs] When I first saw it, my first thought was, 'What happened?' Where did it all go?' I've now learned that you can't just go to the gym for three months and then quit and it stays there forever . So that was a good, late lesson for me.

Talk to you, Mike and Zendaya about choreographing the intimate scene. Patrick and Art seduce Zendaya's Tashi before things get a little messier between the three. What was it like filming that?

Luca had a very clear idea of ​​what was happening on the bed. The idea of ​​me and Mike, with Zendaya in the middle – this idea that it's kissing, kissing, and then it becomes this three-way kiss – and then suddenly Mike and I are kissing. That was very clear. We all kind of figured out how to do it. How does this work?

There is an element of improvisation. It was pretty organic. We did little things like when they were sitting on the floor and she went on the bed, I would be up in a flash and not hold back. This was because we knew our characters well and knew the dynamic between the three of us.

You seem to know it too La Chimera Character very good. I know you actually sent Alice a fan letter before you were cast. What is your origin story with your work and how did it get here?

It is good. My younger brother is an academic. He teaches in Edinburgh, Scotland and he is one of the best people I know in my life. He is my best friend. He would always go to the movies and call me as if to fill a gap and say, “I'm interested in what you're doing,” which he never has to do because I do very little to overwhelm myself into that, what he does. I'd be like, “Cool, what did you see?” And he'd be like, “That movie, Spider-Man. It is amazing. Really interesting. The guy gets infected by this spider.” [Laughs]

So he turned to mainstream films. But then one day he called me and said, “I just saw this Italian movie called Happy like Lazzaro, and I think it's the best film I've ever seen.” I went and watched it that night, and when I came out I felt like I had found a filmmaker who made films just for me turned. So I wrote this letter and said, “Dear Alice, I love your work.” Can we hang out please?†But I didn’t have an address. She lives very remote in Italy, in this small community. Nobody knows where she lives. I wrote letters with a little note on the envelope that said, “If anyone knows where she lives, can you just send it to her?”
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