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Kaisi Ye Dor trailer promises a heartwarming tale set in Banaras. Watch: – Monomaxos

Directed by Ratna Neelam Pandey & Sandeeip S Choudhary, Kaisi Ye Dor embarks on a poignant and genuine exploration of relationships, promising an emotional and authentic journey. The makers have now released the trailer after much anticipation.

Kaisi Ye Dor

Produced by Komal Patil and Rohit Patil, this film boasts an impressive ensemble cast led by Nikhil Pandey. Joining him are Jashn Agnihotri, recognised for her contributions to Punjabi films, and Ratna Neelam Pandey, who not only directs but also graces the screen with her presence.

Kaisi Ye Dor

Scheduled for release on December 15, 2023, Kaisi Ye Dor captures the essence of small-town life realistically, immersing viewers in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, featuring picturesque locations like Banaras, Lucknow, Chunar fort, Agra, and Unnao.

The film beautifully portrays life in the heartlands of India, delving into relationships that seem to fade amidst the changes of the modern era, painting a vivid picture of a world often overlooked.
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