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Man Trapped In Crashed Vehicle For 6 Days Found ALIVE After Fishermen Saw 'Something Shiny' Under Bridge! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



An Indiana man experienced a true Christmas miracle when he was found alive SIX DAYS after crashing his truck.

On Tuesday, Indiana State Police broke the incredible story — they responded to a crash near a bridge on I-95 and found 27-year-old Matt Reum alive. Sergeant Glen Fifield revealed in a press conference that two fishermen had been on the water in Salt Creek when they spotted the wreckage after seeing “something shiny” underneath the bridge. Mario Garcia and his son-in-law Nivardo Delatorre went up to the vehicle and pulled back the deployed airbag to find what they believed was a dead body, but to their surprise the man was still alive:

“Two local fishermen were scouting Salt Creek for potential fishing holes when they saw a vehicle partially in the creek underneath the I-94 bridge that goes over Salt Creek. Out of curiosity, they decided to look into the vehicle, and they saw that it was occupied by one male occupant. One of the good Samaritans touched this occupant, thinking that this person was deceased and they were not. The occupant turned their head and began speaking to our good Samaritan.”


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According to what the rescuers recalled, Matt turned his head and told them he’d been stuck there since LAST Wednesday, December 20. He’d somehow managed to survive by drinking rainwater, and luckily for him the harsh temperatures the winter normally brings weren’t as intense this year. Sergeant Fifield said:

“Quite frankly, it’s a miracle that he’s alive. In this weather, we’ve been lucky enough here this Christmas season that our temperatures have been, as you all know, above normal. So, that was working in this individual’s favor. I know last year we had freezing cold and could have had very different circumstances.”

According to Garcia, who also spoke in Tuesday’s press conference, the crash victim said he’d been “yelling and screaming” since the initial wreck “but nobody would hear him.” ISP also said his “will to survive this crash was nothing short of extraordinary” — and we have to agree! Nearly a full week with nothing but rainwater is serious determination to make it through!

Although the man suffered “some severe potentially life-threatening injuries” according to the PD, Memorial Hospital in South Bend was able to get him the care he needed and get him back to his family for the holidays. In a GoFundMe set up by his family, they revealed he most likely is going to have to have a leg amputation, but everyone is just thankful he’s alive:

“His legs were stuck and he was unable to move due to that he is looking at an amputation more than likely. He has several broken bones throughout his body. He is alive and that’s what we care about most through this hard time he needs all the love and support he can get. He is the most kind hearted human I’ve ever met would do anything for you even if he barely knew you or at all.”

Wow!! If you’d like to donate to his medical relief, you can click HERE.

What an amazing rescue story! We’re so glad to hear Matt is doing okay and has been reunited with his loved ones! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via WTVR CBS 6/YouTube/GoFundMe]



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