Home Entertainment Extravaganza Married Nurse Allegedly Forced To Give Pregnant Lover Abortion Pills During Intercourse – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Married Nurse Allegedly Forced To Give Pregnant Lover Abortion Pills During Intercourse – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Married Nurse Allegedly Forced To Give Pregnant Lover Abortion Pills During Intercourse – Perez Hilton

 – Monomaxos

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Get ready for a crazy story. A married man in Washington state has been accused of forcing his lover to take abortion pills after he found out she was pregnant. And by coercion we mean force.

David Coots was arrested March 11 and charged with second-degree assault, third-degree rape and tampering with a witness. According to charging documents obtained from PeopleThe 42-year-old – a married father of five – was a nurse and worked as a primary care provider for the alleged victim. Last year they began an affair and David allegedly told the woman he was divorcing his wife Melissa Coots soon. We've heard this before. But cheating is just the trick. This is where the story gets twisted…

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In January, the friend found out she was pregnant. When she told David, she claimed, he seemed “overly supportive.” However, that could have just been a facade. The victim now believes her boyfriend tried to induce an abortion on her at least twice. The first, she says, occurred on January 26, when David tried to force her to drink coffee. Looking back, the woman now assumes that the drink was drugged!

The second incident occurred the following day. The woman claimed that David was “unusually aggressive” during sex and engaged in sexual activities that he had “never done before.” Per King 5, The woman said he “put his fingers so far inside her that it felt 'uncomfortable.'” Afterwards, per People, he allegedly tried to stop her from going to the bathroom for a while — and then asked her to stay home. So many red flags. According to charging documents, the woman said she went to the bathroom right after David left. There she made a shocking discovery.

The woman claimed she found a pill on the toilet paper she was using and then discovered a second pill and “some sort of foil.” Of course she confronted David about the pills. He initially refused to answer her but later came clean. The woman told police that Coots explained they were pills that could cause a miscarriage. He had inserted four of them into her body while they were having sex. What is the actual effect?

It is not known whether the woman had a miscarriage. But she was understandably horrified by what happened. After the confession, the documents say, David continued to try to apologize to the woman. He even sent her $2,000 to stop her from going to the police, but she gave the money back. Then the woman intervened…

On February 1, Melissa turned to her husband's mistress. When the victim refused to speak to Melissa, she went to her home and threatened her – saying her and David's lives would be ruined if she contacted law enforcement. The woman claimed that Melissa even told her that she had been in her house before, which scared her. But the friend didn't listen to the warning and called the police. A few days later, on Feb. 5, she said David messaged her “relentlessly” until police served him with a protection order for about a minute. However, that still didn't stop him.

On March 11, David is said to have contacted the woman again. He even left her gifts and flowers outside her home to “profess his love for her,” charging documents say. David was then arrested for violating the protective order. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released on $500,000 bail.

David wasn't the only one accused in this situation. Melissa was also charged with tampering with a witness. This was announced by the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office People She was summoned for her arraignment on March 29. MultiCare – where David practiced at the Tacoma location in Gig Harbor – has since released a statement about it King 5 faced with the news, he said:

“MultiCare has no higher priority than the safety of our patients. We take these allegations of inappropriate behavior by our provider very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation. The provider in question no longer works for Multicare.”

What a wild situation, Perezcious readers. Reactions? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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